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    A GREAT read......

    Moderator Cath Guide

      ......and it will be even better should you decide to put these inspiring words into deeds!  One of the latest articles from our SBOC (written by Heather Chaef) is: Thinking Beyond the 10%-off Coupon: Five better ways to thank your customers .  As we go into this holiday season, her suggestions bring joy to my heart.


      We all look for ways to thank our customers, don't we?  I'm sure you all feel as if you have used almost every one.  Well, I bet you haven't!  What is better than a gift from the heart?  Sure it is often easier to go and buy something but giving of yourself creates a lasting impression on those customers who are special to you.  Now notice I didn't say the gifts come without price.  But Heather's suggested gifts are treasures and treasures do have some cost - the gift of yourself.  These gifts tell of you and your company's appreciation of a valued customer's trust.


      Read this brief article.  And then let us know how you are going to use it over the holidays (and for many years to come).  And in the telling, let us know your customers' reactions.