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    How to best invest in tangible assets oversea?

    jonathan nzali Scout

      Hello all,


      I would like to know if there are people in this community who have invested a considerable amount of their money oversea while maintaining their primary residence in the USA. If if you have not invested a lot of money, I would still like to know what are your thoughts and ideas on how one can be best prepared if he intends to invest oversea in tangible assets. Tangible assets refer to actual ventures that could easily be turned into liquid assets. This does not include speculative assets such as bonds and stocks, but more so like a gas station, a hotel, or a mom&pop corner store.


      I am sure that many of us are aware that investing anywhere has a lot of risks. Even more so if the venture is in a geographical area where one is not familiar with or does not even understand all the nuances of the culture. However, it has been proven that usually the greater the risk, the likely greater the financial reward. If one opens a motel in some dark African village with a lot of commuters, basic utilities available, and a good enough purchasing power of the local populace...such an individual may make 4 to 5 times more money that he put in all within a short period of time. That's a given. However, there are also many things to consider such as local practices, the Law, and etc.


      What I would like to get from fellow members of this community is first person account of any experience anyone may have had with investing oversea? Or just some basic Dos and Dont's that someone may have learned sometime in their lives that they might want to pass along.


      Thank you