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    Market Outlook

    LUCKIEST Guide

      We are back, Electric and internet (finally)

      The election outcome will most likely chart the course for the real economy,

      financial markets and public policy approaches for the next four years or longer.

      Before elected leaders get too wrapped up in the excitement of crafting a new agenda for the nation,

      they must first address the looming fiscal cliff.

      The failure to act in a thoughtful but timely manner on expiring tax provisions and pending spending cuts

      could place both the U.S. and the global economic recovery process in jeopardy.

      In sorting through the implications that might arise from a sudden sharp tightening of fiscal policy

      due to the fiscal cliff,  acknowledging that the manner and timeline in which officials address these challenges

      will have a direct effect on markets through the balance of this year and into the next.

      It remains that elected officials will ultimately find a way to forestall the most damaging aspects of the fiscal cliff for at least 6-12 months.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Welcome back, Luckiest.  I've been wondering where you were.  Glad to hear that you are back with electricity and internet.  We, who have not been hit so directly with Sandy, have no idea of the impact it has had on the lives and businesses of others.


          Your comments bring us to the reality of the impending days/weeks of uncertainty ahead.  I wonder what contingency plans others have in their back pockets, just in case.