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    New Business

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      My name is Altoria and I am new to using this web site,  this is my daughter's business I just do the money handing  I am hoping to get some help on this money part (raising funds).  The business is to educate people about domestic violence we believes that it wears many tags such as verbal abuses is the number one killer in our home and school and in almost all walks of life. We believe that the abuser and the abused need to get help. Our young woman and men need to be educated about abuses. it is so important to get the message out and get the help to the people STOP THE ABUSES.

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          Welcome Altoria and your daughter, also.  I had to laugh to myself when you described your role in the business as just doing the money handling - that is a huge role!  I'm sure your daughter is grateful to you for taking on this job.


          I think you will learn a great deal in our community and find many resources that will be of help to you in your daughter's business.  Why don't you start by clicking the Browse button at the top and the click on Articles?  Some of our experts have written valuable information and the articles are there, for your reading.  Steve Strauss has just written the most recent one on cash flow.


          Domestic violence is, unfortunately, an ever-present area of concern and one that I am happy to see being addressed. Good luck in this endeavor.  Please enjoy all the resources we have to offer and be sure to post and let us know how everything is going for you all.