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    Please critique my website. I need a review badly!!

    ladd1361 Scout

      Please critique my website


      Please be brutelly honest.  Good or Bad Doesn't matter




      Thanks everyone.

      Brand new on Here

      Michael Ladd

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          Hi ladd1361,


          Welcome to the forum!


          First off, I had a hard time loading your site. Curious to see if anyone else has that problem. Your "our clients say" link had an error message of link not found on your home page and the client testimonial section (it worked on the rest of the pages), which is odd since you deal with web design. Your testimonials only list the persons name and not their business affiliate. It would help if you included the company name.

          Your rock star white client link also comes up with an error of not found and the client was blocked by my norton as an attacker!  To me, if a web designer is having technical trouble on its own website and one of their clients sets my norton off I WOULD NOT HIRE YOU!.  


          Your site is very attractive to the eye and has valuable information. The fact that you utilize many social sites is also a plus. I did notice that your email address is with yahoo. This tells me that you are a small company. Does that mean that you are not a professional? Hardly. But some people might prefer a larger company. You can fix that by opening your own email account.Hope this was helpful. Good luck.


          What do the rest of you think?



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            klhprice Newbie

            Overall the site isn't bad but I think you should spend a little more time proofreading, especially on your main landing page.  To me it appears that there are many missing words in the sentences as well as sentences that run on and should really be split into multiple sentences. 


            Maybe it's just me but I find bad grammar gives me a negative impression and I would be asking myself "If that's how your are with your own site then is that what I can expect you to do for me?"


            To use the first paragraph as an example; this paragraph is one very long sentence that should be broken up and is missing words.  Also, I'm not really clear what it is your trying to say in the last piece (I've broken it out below) other than I think you're trying to say your prices are competitive and you guarantee your results.


            • MICHAEL DESIGN COMPANY is a Professional Web designing & Development Company in the USA withimmense outstandingan extensive portfolio of successful major and minor web designing projects including; Ecommerce, Web Development, Flash Websites and Corporate Web Site Design.


            • I think this needs to be reworded:  multiple Success stories of providing web services to other equivalent competitive industries in legitimate and absolutely economic prices with guaranteed results.


            The other paragraphs/sentences should be reviewed as well as there are many missing words in those as well.  It's just my personal opinion but I strongly believe that any text on a web page needs to be grammatically clean, accurate and without spelling errors.  I find I'm turned off by any site that doesn't read clean and it makes me second guess their professionalism and performance.