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    Online Business Models for Startups

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      The internet has provided potential business owners with opportunities to start their own enterprise with minimum set-up fees, the ability to work remotely, and the chance to connect with potential customers around the globe. Below are a selection of business models entrepreneurs and organizations are using to earn money online.


      The advertising business model is compatible with a range of services, from blogging and email, to apps, software and IM programs. Business models based on advertising can either utilize advertising services, like Google AdWords, or create and distribute the adverts themselves. Organizations earning money by selling advertising space on their website might also earn revenue from other ventures, for example selling products, however, advertising and sponsorship comprise the majority of their income.

      Brainient ( is a start-up that specializes in video advertising. Their software enables their clients to produce interactive videos, and add code to their website which tracks user behavior and provides visitors with targeted video adverts.


      Affiliate business models are similar to advertising, except they carry a lower financial risk for the seller. Instead of earning an upfront fee, an affiliate partner’s payment is commission-based: it is usually determined by the number of clicks or sales referrals from the partner to the merchant website. The success of this business model depends on the partner website’s ability to market the businesses or products they are advertising to their visitors. Read More at