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    hey moderators: I am having problems posting my avatar image

    crosscountry Adventurer

      Hello moderators,


      I have tried to add my picture to my avatar image but I keep getting an error. This is what I am doing, after I go to the change photo and avatar image item of my account menu item, I go down past all of the avatar images that you guys provide for us, and I click the link "Add another avatar." 



      Once I have browsed for the image file I want to upload, which meets the community's image specifications, I can see the image but I cannot see any bar or re-sizable box that will allow me to crop the image. Actually, I don;t need to crop the image, but I am asked to crop the image.



      Then, after I click the "Crop Image" button, I keep on getting the error "We could not complete your request. Please check the form for details." But I look at my screen and I see no details in the form. Take a look at the image below:




      How can I change my avatar picture and upload a picture of me?


      Thank you,