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    Hello We are a Lender with Mortgage Branch Opportunities

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      We are looking for seasoned mortgage professionals that want to open a mortgage branch.


      At CrossCountry Mortgage we are committed to help branch partners thrive. Aside from begin licensed in 48 states, we are a direct Fannie Mae lender and are able to offer competitive pricing and a wide array of mortgage products.


      In the last few years the mortgage industry has dramatically changed, and small and medium size retail mortgage branches are struggling to keep up with regulation, administration of the branch, loan origination activities, and well... a life. As a direct lender, we recognize the need for tools that help branch managers operate their branch efficiently, without the need to neglect their loan generation activities.


      We are an ideal lender to partner with because we help the mortgage branch greatly reduce licensing costs through our partnership arrangements, while giving access to loan origination in 48 states. Also, the bundled solutions that we offer help the branch reduce software licensing costs and computer maintenance costs. We offer group benefits, and professional payroll service. Under our partnership arrangement, we help the branch with all compliance, audits and required financial reporting.


      We are aware that our survival and success depends on the welfare of our mortgage partners, and this motivates our unwavering readiness to serve and help our partners take their production to the next level.


      We are exited to participate in this community, and although BoA is a lender too, we figured we are not competition with this BIG BIG bank, the bank of America imagine that. Rather, as clients of BoA, we want to take advantage of this awesome resource, gain visibility through the internet, and share our knowledge as we network.


      Visit our website to learn more about our mortgage branch opportunities. We look forward to interacting with you.


      Thank you