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    Video vs text

    trich Scout

      I am curious to hear some opinions.


      When seeking information on a new company, product or service do you prefer to watch a company made video or read text?


      I ask because I am building a web site for my personal services business and getting differing opinions on video vs text. PErsonally, I don't like viewing videos when seeking product or service information since I absorb less information and focus more on the video itself. IT's like reading vs watching tv. There are exceptions such as when viewing Coleman's easy to set up tent. (Cool product..great video!)  I am 55 y.o. and am confortable with technology. 


      Please comment and give similar background, e.g., age, experience and comfort (or not) with technology.

        • Re: Video vs text

          Hi Trich,


          I personally think it depends on what the company is selling or promoting. How to videos are perfect when promoting a product that would have more of an effect if the client can actually view how it works. I know I have used videos to research products when I was in the market to buy. It made it easier for me to decide which product would suite my needs.


          When it comes to the question of services, I prefer information in text form. Many times, any questions you would have can be answered in the simplest from. Most people contact many companies to inquire about services anyway before they choose the company of their liking. Creating a video is more expensive than text and this expense would be carried onto the future client. Certain services can be expensive as is, so why bother increasing fees if its not necessary.  But thats just my opinion.


          I am 42, self employed,  and very comfortable with technology.