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    Revamping for upcoming year

    MsBoGie Adventurer

      First of all, I'd like to apologize for not interacting more...just really trying to figure some things out

      the other post I post was never answered not because people didn't want to answer, I'm thinking it

      took me to long to respond to the questions that were asked of me.


      So with that said, my question thou it's along the same vien, needs to be answered because I'm going

      to try and move in a new direction next year!  As we have already decided to do so.

      The scouting problem has been soloved, and because of my location I've decided to work

      around my local area until it catches on, while staying on and in the direct vien of traffic

      Main St.  What I'm doing is promoting Poety Events, Gospel Events, Musical Events on a

      small intimate scale. We do not serve Alcohol however we do serve drinks and food.

      We've also do Event Planning!  I am a for Profit company and I'm located in the

      Southwest part of Georgia, 45 mins from Valdosta, 40 Mins from Tallahassee Fl

      and an hour away from Albany, these are the areas that do Poetry Events but nothing like

      what I do! Um if you would please be so kind as to go to my Web-site look it over and please

      I'm open to suggestion

      and my Facebook page is 


      If I'm doing something wrong or not enough of something please let me know!

      Thank you so much I really appreciate it

        • Re: Revamping for upcoming year
          Moderator Cath Guide

          Hi MsBoGie,


          What an interesting concept!  I would think this could be a very successful move on your part.  Your location puts you in the center of some fairly large places.


          A suggestion for your webpage for the future.  When you book and complete some of the events, share pictures on your webpage.  And ask for testimonials from those who attended and add them too.  Make sure to list the upcoming events somewhere on your page so that your newest fans can make plans to attend.


          I wish you well in this new direction you are taking and hope that you will post again, telling us how everything is going.