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    A one woman show.

    Glamquest boutique Newbie

           Hi guys,

      I'm Kenya, the owner of an online accessory boutique which I will be launching in April 2013.

      I'm  excited to open my eboutique to all kind of customers but i gotta say that I'm a little bit concern.

      Though online businesses doesn't seem like much work, I'm sure there is a lot of people behind the scene

      making things happen. My business is not that big yet and I don't want to have to hire people so soon.

      How hard could it be? I'ts just Post,Sell, and Ship right? Pretty much what I want to know is if running

      an online store all on MY OWN (with no employees) is something that's gonna hurt my business?


      Thank you

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Glamquest boutique,


          Welcome to the community! Great questions! I know our members will be able to offer you some advice.


          Best wishes on opening your business next year.



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              Stephen Hartfield, CPA Adventurer

              Hi Kenya,


              To restate your question somewhat, I believe that you are saying: is being a one-person show going to limit my potential in the long-run?


              The answer to that question is very simple: NO, not in the short-term.


              Think of your business as if it were a house that you are building. Aside from the TV shows where 300 people build it at one time, you would start by building the foundation of the house. Then you would move on to building the frame structure, etc.


              As a start-up, you are in the foundation building phase. Just as a lot of thought goes into the size, dimension, and composition of the foundation, so should you be thinking ahead about your business.


              While it is slow, build procedures, focus on your web presence, speak to anyone who will talk to you about business, your product, marketing, and on and on.


              As your business grows, some things that you are doing in the start-up phase you will delegate. This might be the shipping or the product photos, etc.. Some things you may never delegate: for example, bank deposits, accounting, planning.


              After all of my years with my own business, I still manage the workflow in my firm, but I do not do data entry any more (yippee!).


              Best of luck with your launch.


              Stephen R. Hartfield, CPA