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    How does this all work?

    trich Scout

      Hi all,


      I have been an advocate of web  business communiities for a long time. I know that someone will figure this out at some point so that they will become an invaluable source of information and networking for independent businesses. I have attempted to participate in some of them but never with a great deal of satisfaction. I have been in independent businesses (as opposed to large corporate entities) all my working life as an employee, owner and advisor. While I appreciate and applaud what Bank of America has here, I am also a bit skeptical. B of A is most assuredly NOT a small business and will always act in their own self interest. Nothing wrong with that but they aren't providing this out of a sense of altruism.


      How is this community organized? What are guidelines for moderating posts so that all remains focused on business and is relevant, candid and honest? How is balance maintained to assure it does not become a self serving platform for pushing one's services? (That is usually the problem with these.) Who are the moderators? Do they work for B of A?


      Please discuss, comment.


      Thanks for letting me in. Hopefully I don't get banned for asking these questions.

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          LWMareS Scout

          Hello Trich and welcome to the Bank of America Small Business Community.


          You’ve asked some great questions and I hope to provide answers that will make you feel comfortable in participating in the community. 


          First of all, here are links to our Community Guidelines and User Agreement. They are here to: “1) help you become a valuable contributor to the community, 2) explain what kind of conduct to avoid, and 3) make sure the community is enjoyable for - and respectful of - all our users.” You do not need to be a Bank of America customer to participate.


          We’re proud to say we’ve been a community for small business owners to discuss ways to grow their business, start a business, and discuss the aspects of running a business since 2007. We have members who have been here since the start, who continue to participate to this day. We also have brand new members who arrive every day to ask questions, to share expertise, or do both.


          The red navigation bar at the top lays out the community organization. Each of the headings, such as “Running Your Business” has sub-headings beneath it, such as “Human Resources.” An example of a recent discussion getting a lot of great feedback is “Who here uses QuickBooks?” You’ll see people sharing experiences, both pro and con, and making suggestions for other options.


          The same moderation team has worked with Bank of America’s Small Business Community since its launch over five years ago. The moderation team are not B of A employees.


          I hope you find this community meets your needs, and you’re able to share some of your knowledge and expertise with the community.


          Kind regards,


          Mare Stern

          Moderation Manager



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            Uncle Leon Tracker

            Trich, this is a "forum".  As such, anyone can participate.  Some participants are knowledgeble....others, not as much.  Some may seek opinions.  Some will reply.   Some will reply to provide insight.  Others may reply to "impress"....  Ya pays yer admission and ya takes yer chances.


            Sometime you can find the exact help you seek.  Sometime you can find partial direction.  Sometime it's a bust.  Ya pays yer admission and ya takes yer chances.


            What you get, here, as replies; are "opinions".  It's said (in slightly more crude wording), that Opinions are like rectums...everyone has one.


            Insofar as the "motive" for Bank of me, it doesn't matter.  If they benefit by providing this forum, (as far as I'm concerned) that's great !  It certainly doesn't cost me anything.


            Also, if they benefit by providing this forum, (as far as I'm concerned) that's great !  They provide a service to small business people and small business wannabees.


            Why "beat up on" someone who is doing a good thing for us ?

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                trich Scout

                Thanks for your answer.


                The questions are not about 'beating anybody up.' As a business person and informed consumer I always want to be skeptical of anything I view on line or that comes from an entity with something to gain. I expect folks to ask about my intentions as well. I always seek to gain something whether knowledge, money, entertainment, influence, etc. As rational beings in a (somewhat) rational universe, it's all anyone should expect.


                My ideal is to be open about my intentions and to build trust and rapport over time the point where folks trust me and rely on me and can expect my candor. I appreciate yours.