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    Social sites dashboards?

    trich Scout

      CAn someone make some suggestions regarding Social site dashboards and why and how to use them? I have a need to monitor what is said, send coordinated messages, and probably most important, search and monitor the internet for useful and itneresting content.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Great question trich! Can't wait to see our member's answers.



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            marketingexpert Scout

            HootSuite: This is my Twitter dashboard. (It can also be used for Facebook, LinkedIn, too.) It allows me to monitor direct messages, mentions, and the tweets of those I follow. It arranges lists of users into columns (e.g., Family, Work Associates, Industry Sources, etc.), so I can quickly see what’s happening with any specific group. I use this tool to send messages and replies.


            The biggest benefit of this software for me is that I can segregate my followers into “streams” (or columns) and follow different groups of people.


            For example, with my Twitter account, I have the following streams:



            Direct messages

            Mentions (or replies)






            Because I am interested in some streams more than others, I can focus my attention on those columns. For example, I check my Family stream several times a day but my Sources stream only once.




            You can also create streams out of search terms. I often do this when I am participating in a conference. I simply search for the “hashtag” and create a stream from the results. The stream is updated in real time as new tweets are added.




            You can manage individual Twitter followers as well. You can follow, unfollow, direct message, reply, or add a follower to a Twitter list. You can also report spammers with one click.




            You can also use HootSuite to schedule tweets. This comes in handy for posting messages while you are traveling or in a meeting—or just so you won’t forget.




            You can also invite your teammates to co-manage accounts with you. You can have several people monitoring one account and responding to comments and feedback. This is particularly helpful for organizations and larger brands.



            You can add multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and pages (I have five). HootSuite is adding more all the time. The only glaring omission is Google+ but that should be coming soon.


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