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    Weather alert for merchants

    amspcs Ranger

      If your business accepts plastic payment,  you will likely experience some frustrations today in the forms of slow terminal responses for authorizations, batching out problems, and the like.  Be aware that these problems stem from the dire weather situation in the northeast, and they may affect you even if you are nowhere near that area.  Obviously, most of the major switching telecommunication centers up north are undermanned and/or without power.  The problem is, as other switches elsewhere around the country attempt to take on the burden from the northeastern stations, they too become overwhelmed and bogged down.  I would suggest that you NOT try to call into Customer Service at your processor to report the problems.  I'm sure they are well aware of the situation, and further tying up the lines won't help.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Thanks, amspcs, for your reminder.  We are so used to the 'instant-ness' of the web that we often forget that major weather conditions impact other regions besides the area being impacted.


          We all could use this time to catch up on other areas in our businesses or to do some employee re-training.  In a short time, I hope that many of the issues will be resolved and we can access the places we wish to.


          In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and businesses that have been touched by Sandy, as they begin the process of rebuilding and often starting over.



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            LWMareS Scout

            For any B of A Customer struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, here is the Hurricane Sandy Relief Program Update information. It gives you information on access, who to call, possible refund of fees, and the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.


            If you are not a B of A customer, your bank or financial institution should have information available to assist you. Please do not hesitate to reach out for it.


            Stay safe everyone,


            Mare Stern

            Moderation Manager