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    Software your business use

    engagedots Scout

      Hi friends, Just list out what type of software your business use ?

      What solution do you receive from it ?

      Is it really effective for your business ?


      It might be any business sector. Share your ideas.

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          marketingexpert Scout

          Hey engagedots,


          MailChimp: As any Internet marketer will tell you, nothing is more important than building your own e-mail list. I use MailChimp to manage mine. It has a super easy-to-use interface, great analytics, and is 100 percent reliable. Other people prefer AWeber. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.


          WordPress:In my opinion it is the most robust, yet easy-to-use blogging platform out there. You will find thousands of themes, plugins, and tools that work with WordPress. Best of all, it’s free. (However, you will pay for hosting, themes, and some plugins.)


          HootSuite: This is my Twitter dashboard. (It can also be used for Facebook, LinkedIn, too.) It allows me to monitor direct messages, mentions, and the tweets of those I follow. It arranges lists of users into columns (e.g., Family, Work Associates, Industry Sources, etc.), so I can quickly see what’s happening with any specific group. I use this tool to send messages and replies.


          Photoshop:  For those really difficult jobs, I still use Photoshop. To be honest, I am not a big fan. I find the interface non-intuitive and clunky. But for raw power, I haven’t found anything that comes close. Photo shop does anything—if I can just figure out how to do it.


          Chrome: This is my browser of choice. I find that it is faster than Safari or Firefox. However, it also has some memory quirks that bother me. If I get too many tabs open, it can really slow down my system or make it a little quirky.


          DropBox: This is the application I use to share files with my family and business associates. I am able to give access to both folders and files. It syncs automatically with my local computer in the background.


          Evernote: This is my digital brain. I store everything here: receipts, web clippings, Kindle notes, meeting notes, you name it. I like it so much, I wrote a series of twelve posts about it on my blog. It is an application I launch at startup and keep open all the time.

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Hi marketingexpert, nice walk-through of the software you find most effective and those that work best for you.  I would think that your list would be of interest to many.


              What about the rest of you all, what software works for you?  Which of the above do you use?  Which have your tried and are just not as crazy about (and why)?  Let's continue this discussion.  Others will be interested in your thoughts as they consider the best software for their business.



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                cobase Adventurer

                Hi marketingexpert, thanks for the rundown!


                We run a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find small business tools, so your input was very useful!

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                charlotte cfo Wayfarer

                We agree with marketingexpert on:

                1. Mailchimp  -  we tried others and were left disappointed.
                2. Wordpress  -  works great for us, advise (a small sight with lots of interactive functions might like Ruby on rails.
                3. Photoshop

                Sorry don't know anything about his last two items.

                Anyone use Quickbooks online?  We are looking at it as an option.

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                  raico Adventurer

                  These tools are what I used.


                  Dropbox – for file sharing

                  Skype – for communication

                  Time Doctor – for time tracking

                  Jing – for capturing image or video

                  Photoshop – for photo editing

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                    jonsains Wayfarer

                    Hi everyone, I am using for my retail business pos software from Visual Retail plus. VRP really great place to get point of sale software for retail business. I get this site : online. I contact on toll free number to know about more.

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                      copy2contact Wayfarer

                      Toggl for time management, Saleforce for CRM, Copy2Contact to copy contacts and appointments into CRM, SocialOomph for social media, and Trello for project management. I wrote a more in-depth blog post on what tools I like to use running my startup here: 8 Tools To Manage Your Time More Effectively « Anagram Technologies Blog

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                          lance martin Scout

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                          danesparza Newbie

                          I second the mentions of Dropbox (for file management), Mailchimp (for mailing list management and analytics) and Trello (for project management). 


                          I would add a few to that list:

                          ChartBreeze - (for Trello burndown and business reports)

                          Google Analytics or MixPanel - (for web analytics)

                          Balsamiq mockups - (for communicating designs for websites or applications)

                          Amazon EC2 for on-demand infrastructure for projects

                 - for helpdesk and support software

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                            Hi Engagedots,


                            We are an architectural co.

                            We use Skype for communication.

                            Architectural desk top for designing.

                            3DVis for enhancements.

                            Excel for spreadsheets

                            Word for our documentation.



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                              engagedots Scout

                              Hello friends,


                              Am back after a long time. Its nice to see all the info regarding software your business use. Have anybody used web based CRM. Just wanted to know how does it work for your industry. As one of my friend said it provides a streamlined solution for running a business.

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                                bunnicula Newbie

                                Most of the tools we use have already been mentioned, so I'm just going to add one tool I haven't seen: online fax (here's a quick run-down for those who don't know what that is). We use it to sign and send contracts, as well as relay documents containing sensitive information. I personally love the service because it's as easy as sending an email and as secure as sending a traditional fax.