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    LinkedIn, How Do You Use It?


      How many of you have a LinkedIn profile and how do you use its services? How many of you have actually procured a position with LinkedIn?

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          fshagan Adventurer

          I have never been successful getting a "regular job" through their pages before I started my business, and have not gained a single client for my small business. They are revamping their Profile section to make it more attractive, and perhaps that will work.


          I find the Groups the most valuable; you can extend your network and gain information from them easily enough. But I have not gained any clients through LinkedIn Groups either.


          I really don't get the social media marketing hype; my clients that have invested quite a bit in it have a very low ROI. When we looked at the contacts that came through social media (LinkedIN, Facebook, etc.) they were all existing customers, or contacts that they already had. LinkedIN is in that category for me.

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              Hi fshagan,


              I too use the social groups available on linkedIn. I find them to be very informative. I have found that since I have joined many groups and communities, several people with similar interests and backgrounds have viewed my profile. I have been told that many companies use linkedIn as part of their hiring process, either to check a persons credentials or to separate them from the to be hired competition. Just wondering if there is anyone here who has used linkedIn as a hiring tool?