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    LUCKIEST Guide

      It is almost year end followed by tax time.

      I am an accountant.and am sending the following out to my clients.

      Change is part of our business life, and things may have changed for you and your business.


      Sometimes there was too much net worth.

      Has that changed? Are there asset protection strategies that will change that for you?


      Sometimes a spouse was not supportive.

      Has the pressure grown on your family and business, and have your options been reduced?


      Sometimes it's money that's the issue.

      You loved the plan, but you didn't think that you could afford it.

      The important thing is a the solution!


      Sometimes the bank appeared to be cooperating.

      You wanted to wait and see what would happen. 

      Well, what did happen?  '

      Has your situation changed since last year?


      The economy has not turned itself around and is unlikely to do so in the short, or even medium term.

      The banks are unlikely to be cooperating with you in any meaningful way...ever.


      Things are likely to get worse, not better, and the solution you did not want to consider yesterday,

      may be the solution that you need today.


      How are you doing?

      Lets talk again, and review the solution together.