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    How do you work with someone you don't like?

    LUCKIEST Guide

      How do you work with someone you don't like??

      The old adage, "grin and bear it", is almost impossible to do.

      The community should have some great answers.

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          sundstrj Adventurer

          You need to provide more details in order to generate useful advice.


          Here is a standard: How one reacts to difficult situations communicates much about ones maturity.

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            ticababy Newbie

            So hard to do!!  I try to focus more on the job, than the personality...  I'm polite, yet keep things short and to the point.  Some days I can pull it off smoothly, other days I'm not so successful. 

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              Luckiest, for me it depends on the job and why I need the job. If its the kind of atmosphere where I can avoid or have very little contact with the individual and I love my job, then its easy to grin and bare it. If I have to deal with the individual on a constant basis and love my job than I have to be more inventive when it comes to the grin and bare it. If its a job that I don't like but its temporary, then it gets tougher. I usually tell myself its only for a short while. If its both a job and co worker that I cant bare, then its time to get a new job asap! Either way, I always kill them with kindness.



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                Moderator Naoko Adventurer

                Hello LUCKIEST.

                It depends on the situation.

                I usually 'grin and bear'.

                I'd stay away from that person as much as possible and

                won't let it affect my performance.

                I do let off my steam somewhere else

                (exercise, talk to somebody I can trust or hobby, etc...).

                Also try my best to stay positive in many situation.



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                  lamarlynch1 Wayfarer

                  I think it has its plus and minuses...

                  For example I started this cleaning business ( ) with my girlfriend. Now while in the beginning when it was just conversation she was very supportive and saying yeah 'We can do this...', 'When we start, we can get it to here...' but when it came time to shut up and put up time... the next few conversations were more like, "Wow you spent $60 to get the fictituos name?" "I wish I could spend that kind of money on myself..." [that one got me red because I didnt spend over a $100 on supplies for me to wear, but to start this business and actually run it when the time came.


                  But there are good parts because if you guys are in a relationship you can lean on that person alittle. Maybe they can help you pay for things outside of business which at the end helps you save money to spend on the business... And depending on the type of person he/she is they can be encouraging