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    Create your identity

    grafikrtist Scout

      As a freelance graphic designer i believe that one the most important issues to solve for you business off the get go is creating your identity. Which includes a logo, business card and letter head.

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          Hi grafikrtist,


          I agree that first impressions can mean everything. But even before the logo, letter head, and business card there is one item that is more important - the company name. A name can set you miles apart from your competition. Lets just take one example: the yellow pages. Exposure is very important to a start up company. Many times when perspective clients reach for the phone book they usually start their calls from the top and move down the list. Chances are, that they will secure a company that meets their needs within the first couple of calls.


          In the case of printed advertisement, the name, motto, logo, letterhead and business card all play an important role together. At first site, the company with the most appealing advertisement usually gets the highest volume of hits. But lets face it, if the name is not desirable your percentage of hits does decrease regardless of how spiffy your printed ad is. Me personally, Fred's Bank is not an institution I would trust my hard earned money with.



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Unless you are the only business of your type, you have to be concerned with competition.

              (Even Fred's Bank).

              Every business leader would like to be "number ONE" including Fred's Bank.

              You don't have to be number one to be successful.

              Certain names suggest and imply that something special is about to happen

              which the customer wouldn't want to miss.