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    Training & Relationship Marketing

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      Welcome to yet another SUNNY day in Florida. I make it a point everyday to call my kinfolk up in the Northern states and invite them down to visit. I do this I think, because most of them won't show up, even though I would love to see them!


      I just want to post a bit of info today which I feel is the groundwork for any marketing organization. I stick to these principles in my business every single day: and they have served me well.


      No matter what the business is that you decide to spend your time on, you MUST have the vision to see it through! Any Direct Selling, Relationship Marketing (this is my favorite term for the MLM business) you need to look where you are going, not where you have been.


      It is just too easy to make the excuses that it won't work for you. There are tons of people giving the same old BS excuse which is one of the reasons of why they aren't successful, and never will be.


      You are not a salesperson in this business, you are a TEACHER! In order to be successful you have to teach. This is one of the principles I talked about in a previous article on Magnetic Sponsoring.


      When you sponsor someone into your business (note that I said sponsor, not signup) you have to train and teach them to be successful. You NEED to tell them what your expectations are for them! You also want people who are coachable.


      If they can't play by your rules, do what you say and take direction then they will only waste your time and theirs also. People must want to be taught or you may as well go beat your head against the wall!


      You need to set the rules of the game...period, end of the story! Don't call and try to beg people to get involved in your business. If you have to beg then they won't be any good to you anyway. This is where they will become a burden to your organization.


      I want to help the people in my organization who are floundering, and I will ALWAYS be there for them if they need me, morning-noon-night. One of my biggest reasons for living is trying to help people get ahead in this world.


      People will get psyched up, fired up, enthusiastic and ready to go when they first get involved. If you don't stay with them, teach them, show them and keep reminding them of why they got involved they will have a hard time making it in Relationship Marketing.


      It doesn't matter what MLM company you get involved in the bottom line it is building a relationship and don't ever let anyone tell you different.


      If you don't like people, can't make friends or aren't comfortable interacting with people (even crowds of people) then you should go get you a 9 to 5 job and just be done with it.


      I could never get that kind of job because I can't stand someone insinuating (for whatever they decide to pay you) this is all you are worth. Get out of that scenario!


      I also want to just go over a few things concerning my business, here it is again: (I just love seeing that) How about these apples to put in your basket!


      Would you believe a $50K, $100K, $250K or even a ONE MILLION dollar bonus! How about $1000 a month just for your car payment! The accumulated points in my business NEVER flush; they are there until you get paid on them.


      I know of course you DO realize that anything you ever attain or any money you make is predicated upon the amount of work, the perseverance you have, you being coachable and following a perfect system already in place for you.


      I have a business where I can make money if I want to build the business. I also have a business that will help YOU if you are involved in another business! Where can you find both of these opportunities today in the SAME company? I can go either way with this and make money both ways.


      For your own sake and to really see all we have to offer just go to: and you will see what I am talking about. The owner & CEO of this wonderful company we all know and love, (Bob Reina) has the same passion for helping people and we all will do whatever we need to help you reach your goals.


      I have tried some of the other companies out there and this is the end of the search for Don Egnor from Tampa, Florida.


      Get in touch with me, get off the couch, get involved, use the product and spread the word. Talk fusion is the wave of the future and it is only going to get better! Just please remember that Don tried to tell you, so you better listen.


      To Your Freedom,


      Don Egnor




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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Great Marketing
          I will get in touch with you, get involved, use the product
          and spread the word.
          Talk fusion is the wave of the future and it is
          only going to get better!
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              talkfusion Wayfarer
              We have a wonderful company Luckiest! Like I said, where else can you find a company like Talk Fusion. The ONLY one I have ever found that gives me the chance to not only market the product, plan and build the business, but a product I can market to any business to help them achieve growth.

              Many businesses I work with have cut back on advertising, reduced operating expenses and has much better communication with customers and clients. I work with people who will bend over backwards to help anyone achieve success. There is no lack of training nor support with anyone in my organization, which is what you need to help you succeed.

              I would love to send anyone a Video Email just to show you the simplicity, sound and clarity with Talk Fusion. I challenge anyone on the post to take me up on my offer! All anyone needs to do is send me their email address and I will show you how to quit typing, sit back, relax and still get your message across in a much more personal and professional way. Believe me, when you send someone a Video Email, they WILL NOT forget you!

              C'mon people...give me your email addresses...let me show you!

              Don Egnor