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    I would to help the disable more .

    Adonis Reddick Wayfarer

      I was born with cerebral palsy; a disease that is still not truly understood why some are born with this defect. When I was born the doctors told my family like others that I will not be able to talk, walk or function on my own for the rest of my life. “Boy where they wrong.” This is not the kind of news that you want to hear as a new parent that your child will be dependent upon someone else for the rest of their life. Some parents are not mentally able to handle that type of responsibility, so I thank god that my parents where.


      I will not go into allot of the boring details of growing up but what I will say is…. My Life Is A Testimony.

      Having physical impairments has taught me allot about myself and people in general. I have watched and listened to how people try to figure out how I do the things I do with no assistance, when according to the doctors I shouldn’t even be able to type this letter. Well, the answer to this is I try and try harder and harder because giving up is so easy to do and why do that? When life threw me apples, I made apple pie.


      See, I was raised as a normal kid with no disabilities. My family would not allow for anyone to pick me up as a toddler but instead supplied me with the tools so that I could pick myself up. Remember I am not supposed to walk, talk or independently think on my own but yet here we are. I began walking at age 2. And even at this age I was able to pronounce some words. Now let’s get something straight, I know that in this letter it seems that I am fluent in speech, but that is not true. I can talk but I have to take my time to speak so that my words are understood. I had to learn and earn my way through life just as my siblings had to. No special treatment! Cause I am not a handicap! I am the little engine that could! Because I knew I can.


      Being able to set goals and do them is the greatest feeling to have. One of my goals was to be able to drive, oh yeah I skipped a very important part of my life that you all need to know… I Can Walk, on my own, with no cane or walker. My dad always told me “that if you want something bad enough, you can get it.” So I got my driver’s license at age 17. Some people look up to me for trying and doing the things I do every day. Believe me it is hard. But I welcome the challenge.

      But wait a minute, why am I being so nice? When I walk down the street I hear the laughter, the insensitive jokes from people who could not even imagine the struggles that a person of my statue has endured to get to this level in life. Can you relate to 37 years of people feeling sympathy for you because they think that they have it so much better than you? Why couldn’t they be genuine in wanting to assist because I am a man working hard to have a good life?


      Well that’s why I created this web site. So that the achievers and soon to be achievers can come together and tell our stories. Here we can be ourselves and express our accomplishments to inspire others not to give up on life because life has given up on us.