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    Employers that self insure their employee....

    Sharon Petty Newbie is How to optimism their health.

      My name is Sharon Petty I am a registered nurse with 35+ years of experience.My back ground is split between ICU, emergency medicine, and case management. Since 1998  have worked privately as a health coach.

      I own and operate a consultation business as a health coach for individuals as well as community groups. My focus is  to optimize the health and wellness of my clients.I am looking forward to expanding my business to a more public and corporate arena As a Health Coach I am able to help identify these gaps using the clients information giving on their assessment along with my four steps process.


      I hope to network with other businesses such as yours to bring about a community impact towards wellness. Using me as a health coach will help your employee to focus on the need to identifying the type of  behaviors, lifestyles, and attitude changes that will optimal their health and wellness. My goal is to enabling the client to remain commented to their prescribed plan of care.

      I do hope that you have an opportunity to review my web site  ....