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    advantage painting

    larrykielb Adventurer

      I am all ears on trying how to improve my branding and marketing strategies to grow my business, so any one out there I could use some help I am in Illinois in the western suburbs of Chicago

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          Hi Larry,


          We would be more than happy to give you some pointers. I think it would help if you told us a little bit more about your business. Tell us exactly what you do, who your client base is, what you would like to achieve, what kind of methods you've used so far, etc....



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              larrykielb Adventurer

              Hello Melinda, we started out as a residential painting company doing commercial work when it came are way, we also now doing small remodeling jobs and handy man work to try to provide full service to my clients. I have tryed flyers, direct mail in a local 10 page mailer but I have done no internet exsposure and do not have a web page

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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Hi Larry, I suggest you take the plunge and create a webpage.  If this is something outside your skill set, you may want to ask someone experienced in that area to work with you.


                  You might want to lift up your handy man work with some examples (and photos) of some of the work you have done.  People like to see befores and afters so consider that.


                  Offering a %-off for first timers may catch people's interest.  Also think about offering someone who recommends another to you a %-off too after the work is done.