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    Online retail and local distributor of Dried chiles and spices

    mvtradingcorp Newbie

      Good Morning,

      My name is Miguel and I am just starting a new distribution company of Dried Chiles, Dry beans, and spices. I am located in Southern California and I know I have huge huge competition with what I am trying to sell but I see opportunities everywhere from restaurants to grocery stores. I have also just started a website for the smaller retail side of business. I thought pricing would drive a lot of customers my way but I am not getting  for example.... Some online retail stores (including amazon) sell Dried Chipotle Chiles for $21.00  a Lb. plus shipping!!! I have the exact same product for $12.50 Including Shipping. So how can I drive more customers to my online store without paying google, facebook or other search engines to do something that maybe i can do. Any suggestions?


      Miguel Vazquez

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          Hi mvtradingcorp,


          Welcome to the forum. The internet is a powerful tool. There are many sites that you can place ads on that are for free; craigslist, ebay, facebook, google, banner exchange, adlandpro, etc...Just let your fingers do the walking. I would also use twitter and linkedin. You would be surprised how many people tweet and use linkedin as a form of advertisement. You could also join many clubs on linkedin and connect with retailers as well as possible new clients. Good luck and let us know how your doing.



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            trich Scout

            Congratulations! You're in business!


            Lot of places to sell your product. Put together a reasonable action plan that you can live with and start working it. Be honest with yourself. Do you want to sell via internet only? Do you want to sell through distributors? Can you create a compelling interactive story that will create 'buzz' via various internet channels? Do you have alternate forms of income while you work on your long term business success? Why are you different? Why would customers buy from you? How much time, effort and money do you have to put into your business?


            Asking yoursefl these questions is  a start. There are plenty of free sources of information on the internet. Start with these but make sure that you are working your plan. It's easy to get distracted.