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    Timesheet program needed

    rockridgesoil Wayfarer

      We are a engineering services firm with 6 employees and need a good computer program for timesheets that can be used online and ideally also with mobile devices. 

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          rhinos Wayfarer

          Try this online time card website.


          Time Card Calculator Mobile

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            kellydrill Adventurer

            Hours Tracking is a good solution for small to mid-sized teams. It is web-based and runs nicely in a mobile browser. A mobile app is also in the works. It's also priced right at $1/user/month. Free trial is available at

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              dock29marketing Wayfarer

              Have you considered  Yes its an invoicing system but it works really well for a time tracking tool keeping track of assigning human resources to projects. 

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                tnsorenson Newbie

                I have used Intervals web based time tracking with great success for commercial and Military clients.



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                  Emily Ketlinski Wayfarer

                  Hands down - TSheets mobile time tracking software rocks the employee online timesheet world!


                  tsheets screen shot.png

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                    emma Newbie

                    I would suggest to definitely check Replicon's simple to use Time Tracking Software solutions. We had been using it and this has just rocked!!

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                        sambank Adventurer

                        I would suggest this PC based Time Tracking Software solution it gives you peace of mind.

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                          sambank Adventurer

                          Hi Emma Just for your information: The Replicon is a Canadian company they have offices in US. Their time tracking software is average compare to others. However they don’t use Biometric time clocks, they use Samsung galaxy tablet for QR Code as employee ID and they decode and extracted information. They also capture employee photos for scaring tactics they claim for verifications assuming in a company with 100 employees they clock-In or clock out average 8 times a day and you capture 800 photos then how many HR staff has time to inspect all those photos. Their system can be easily buddy punched.

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                          copy2contact Wayfarer

                          I'm a big fan of Toggl for recording hours and RescueTime for tracking computer activity. I wrote a more extensive blog post on the tools I use and why here: 8 Tools To Manage Your Time More Effectively « Anagram Technologies Blog

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                            Moderator Berta Guide

                            Hi rockridgesoil,


                            You've gotten lots of great suggestions! How are things going? Did you find one that works for your office?



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                              Raj AS Wayfarer

                              I suggest Web based timesheet script to track Employee work hours and project hours as well as measuring employee performance. So try to use Qualitypoint Technologies Timesheet . Can add Unlimited Users. No user-based license

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                                  Moderator Berta Guide

                                  That sounds like an interesting one Raj! Thanks for sharing. Unlimited users can be a very valuable tool for employers. Is their fee for services very high due to unlimited users & no user based licenses?



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                                      sambank Adventurer

                                      Brief review:

                                      What is Biometric Identification Technology?

                                      Consumers worldwide support using biometric technology, such as fingerprints, face recognition, voice recognition or eyeball etc. Biometric identification system is much safe and secure and easy to use and even without using any password or secret codes to remember as compare to card, wireless and mobile system. Biometric identification system is reliable, economical and it has more advantages as compare with others. In daily life a person has to take many cards and has to remember their passwords or secret codes and to keep secure to take with him all time. More adoption of biometric identification system by organizations and business owners will drive down the cost making the system more affordable for small business owners.

                                      A Brief Background

                                      Biometric system identify individual by measuring their anatomy, physiology or other behavioral characteristics.

                                      Today biometric authentication technologies such as fingerprints, face recognition, iris, and voice recognition are commercially in use. A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition process that operates by acquiring biometric data from an individual’s scanned fingerprint or captured image, and extracting set of features from the acquired data. Critical component of biometric identification system is to match these set of features against the template features stored in system database for identification, verification and positive recognition. Keep in mind that no biometrics system can guarantee one hundred percent positive recognition accuracy. Let’s pick the most widely used biometric fingerprint identification system and see how it works.


                                      Fingerprint Identification System

                                      Fingerprint identification system works in two manners Enrollment and Identification.



                                      Enrollment process a user places his/her finger on the finger scanner, which captures a fingerprint image and stores it in the designated computer. Then finger image is preprocessed and fingerprint minutiae information is extracted and the finger image is then discarded or stored in the computer for future use if they needed. The minutiae information is stored in a system database it is called fingerprint templates. The fingerprint identification system may enroll up to ten fingers for a person.



                                      The user places the appropriate finger on the sensor and the fingerprint images is captured and send to designated computer (recognition device). The feature extraction algorithms extract the minutiae information from fingerprint image. The matching algorithms runs the minutiae information against the entire database templates this is a one- to many matching, in order to speed up the matching processes one may user unique feature points and use binary search to eliminate searching entire database templates. If there is a match with one of the templates, the user is granted access, for more secure system they may use another level of authentication, for example: the corresponding photo of the user whose template has been matched is retrieved from the database and displayed to the operators computer screen.


                                      How Unique is Biometric fingerprint information?

                                      Caution must be taken when stored personal identifiable information some is referred to as a meaningless number

                                      It is in fact sensitive personal information and it should be referred to as person fingerprint templates.

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                                      Biometrics is a means of verifying personal identity by measuring and analyzing unique physical or behavioral characteristics of individual such as fingerprint face recognition, voice recognition, or eyeball etc. Biometric technologies present a number of benefits, ranging from greater convenience for the user, operational efficiencies and improved security. It also presents some risks to information privacy. Business owners must carefully study privacy risks before sing up to with web based biometric service providers.





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                                    ogamot Newbie



                                    You can try which is perfect for teams, free up to 10 users,

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                                      mimi Wayfarer

                                      a great site to use is , it's very easy to use, comes with many advanced options and best of all its free!