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    CPA accountant

    gumdrops Newbie

      Does anyone recomend a good CPA that works with small business?

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            Hi gumdrops,


            Where are you located? I prefer an accountant that is local because of the personal nature of the business. Not every accountant is the same. An on-line accounting firm would not suit my needs as a business owner. Good luck!



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              OC Marketing Analytics Adventurer

              gumdrops go to a Rotary meeting in your area.  There are typically a couple of accountants, attorneys, and other resources within these groups that are honest people with a ton of business experience to help get you on your way.    

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                pdxcpa Adventurer

                I agree - always use a local CPA.  Many of new clients that we interview are business owners that moved to the Portland area a few years ago and kept using their CPA in another state.  In most cases, they had communication problems, deadlines were missed, and their out-of-state CPA was not familiar with the taxes in this state.


                A good CPA or accountant essentially becomes a partner with you in your business, and for that to function correctly, I believe being able to meet in person has great value.


                Just make sure you take the time to interview a potential CPA or accountant thoroughly to make sure it is a good fit.  Don't base the decision solely on price - you get what you pay for.  Lastly, make sure the CPA or accountant will have a good point of contact person for you that is accessible and personable.  Many CPA firm partners meet with you initially and then have an inexperienced staff accountant later become your point of contact.  Leave that type of engagement as it shows they are taking on more work than they can handle.  As a partner in our firm, I am personally the point of contact for all my clients, and I make a point to be available as much as possible for even the smallest questions.



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