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    Is running a business getting harder?

    abbeys Newbie

      There appears to be more road blocks to operating a small business.  A few newer ones involving banks.

      1.  Banks take longer to clear checks sometimes up to 10 days and yet found out that they clear your deposit in a few days and you can't use it until the time limit is reached.

      2.  New bank fee on certain check deposits.  They call it I believe Interest fee on delay uncollected funds

      3.  Deposit a bank draft from another bank takes longer than a regular check.  Seems that other bank drafts are not as safe as you think they are.

      4.  Found out if you want to speed up the availability of a check deposit, going to the bank that it is draw on and cashing it for cash to deposit it in your bank account can't be done because the cashing bank cannot give you a large amount of cash,  They will give you a bank fraft,  See item 3 above,  You can's win