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    Using a Cloud to run my business management application?

    moisessaltiel Newbie



      I have been recently looking at the option of placing my business management application or software on a cloud, but I am not sure if it is yet cost-effective for my business?


      I have an office in Puerto Rico and another in Miami, but we are trying to integrate and establish Miami as our headquarter facility.  Right now we run QuickBooks as our accounting, invoicing and inventory management system.  The problem I am currently having is that in order for my business partners in PR or I (in Miami) to use the software, we have to back up the data, send that back up to the other, and can't work on the system until that other person has finished using it, backed it up again and sent it back to us.  This is very time consuming and not eficient.


      Therefore, my thought was to, first of all, purchase a QB version with multi user capability, and then put it in a cloud so that both offices can access and work on it simultaneously.  However, I am a bit overwhelmed as to what cloud provider to go with or should I do a virtual machine connection from my PR offices to our Miami server?


      If anybody has any suggestions as to what mode works better, or any other suggestions that I am over looking, please feel free to share.  It would be greatly appreciated.  At the end of the day I am looking for efficiency in operations, while making sure that the option I select is also cost-effective for my small business.


      Thank you very much,



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          john Wayfarer


          Very good question in a small business model, with a number of correct/incorrect solutions available.


          Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors can be good if you don't need high performance, the Web isn't optimal for transaction based solutions. There are also very real questions about company stability, there are few solution providers with years of successful history.  The software may well be better suited to your business and priced reasonably, but you also don't have control over your data files.


          If you are working on Quickbooks, your volumes are probably small, if you are thinking of Multi-User Quickbooks, find someone that offers putting Quickbooks on 'the cloud', don't presume that it will be easy or even possible, unless you have a good deal of cloud experience.



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            fshagan Adventurer

            I have installed QB on local servers, and even with wired ethernet connections, the multi-user mode still has issues with occasionally losing connection. It won't work well with a wireless connection. I don't think accessing the company file in the cloud would work well, but I have never tried it.


            QB does have an on-line version: Online accounting software that saves you time - QuickBooks Online


            But it's expensive.