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    Trunk-show hosts needed

    deannac19 Wayfarer

      I have a very small, home-based business.  I am also very new to this.  I am primarily a stay-at-home mom, and have been for more than eleven years; therefore, I do not have the contacts I need to grow my business.  I sell boutique-style jewelry, candles, & accessories, and my business depends on hosting trunk shows.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get in touch with more people in regards to this type of business (i.e., hosting trunk shows)?  Thanks for any input!

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          pwmurphy Newbie

          Getting your name out there is the first step to networking your business.  There are many avenues you can explore such as putting professional looking brochures and business cards in places like libraries, hair solons, art stores, banks, boutiques, these places usually have bulletin boards where you can tack your info.  (bring you own tacks;-])  Also go to small business offices (or large) and talk to the receptionist to see if you can generate interest with the employees. Bring in pictures of your product or samples. You can also join mother/children groups and meet other women in your community to help pass the word around.  If you have the funds to take out advertising in the locale paper, make sure that your ad runs for at least three months straight so people can absorb your info each week. Most importantly be confident and proud of your product your selling.  Good Luck!

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              deannac19 Wayfarer

              Thank you for your input!  I didn't even realize many of the places you mentioned offered bulletin board postings (and, thanks for the 'bring your own tacks').  With the holidays nearing, I think approaching businesses would be great - maybe they provide in-office 'holiday shopping' for their employees!  I will explore these avenues, as well as the other things you've mentioned.  Thanks!


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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Since you are a stay-at-home mom, reach out to the other mothers that your children play with.  Invite them over for a trunk show one afternoon, hire some older teens to watch the children and you and the other moms can have some time to become better acquainted and some time to share your 'wares'.  Allow any of the mothers who book a trunk show with you an opportunity to purchase from you at a one-time discount.


                  Use a holiday theme to draw their interest, serve holiday cookies and punch for refreshments!  Good luck!