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    Crowd Sourcing or Funding

    Jon Nugent Newbie

      Who knows about crowdsourcing or funding.  Traditional sources of funding have dried up for small businesses so companies are looking for alternative sources of funding such as crowdsourcing or funding.  What avenues have people tried regarding crowdfunding and sourcing.  I would like to use crowdfunding as an establish business, is that possible?

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          ameridansker Wayfarer

          Crowdfunding is in the process of being regulated by the SEC under the recent passing of the JOBS Act. As an emerging growth company as defined by the Act, this gives these companies a source for raising funds and going public with a lower costs and registration than currently being utilized by growing companies. Since the SEC has not defined the procedures with utilizing a funding entity, many sites still operate on raising funds from non-accredited investors.  You can still use crowd funding  in an established business. The story is key in stimulating the "funders" to donate. Avoid getting in to the "Broker" trap though. Contact me and I will send you a paper that outlines the market prior to the passing of the Act. There are several gray areas that one can work within when dealing with small amounts from each donor/funding participant.