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    A question about advertising to a Church

    teknacion Wayfarer

      If a business were to approach your church and offer to give a donation everytime one of the members uses the services of the business would you agree or disagree with the offer to spread the word about this business to your members?


      Before you answer consider the following points:


      1. If you were given a choice between two plumbers; one that will donate a portion of what you paid to your church and one that will not, which one will you choose?
      2. As pastor or leader do you think that your members will agree with you if you refused to spread the word about a business that will make donations to the church everytime the used its services?
      3. Members a purchasing goods and services everyday would it not be great if a large portion of those purchases gave back to the church?


      Thank you for your input.

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          fshagan Adventurer

          I think this is called "affinity marketing", and my guess is that it works best when the person making the offer is a member of the church. When that is the case, my inclination would be to go with the offer, if nothing else just because there's an assumption of shared values, a built-in arbitrator (the pastor or staff), and some incentive for the provider to meet certain standards.


          From a tax perspective, it doesn't make sense. The plumber writing the check gets the tax deduction, not you. Find a cheaper plumber and donate the difference yourself. But not everything in life boils down to numbers.