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    Hello from QUEORK a small quantity custom manufacturer and retailer

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      QUEORK is a New Orleans, LA based operation that manufactures products both designed by QUEORK as well as the general community.  We specialize in cork fabric and any application this amazing textile can be used.  Cork is as durable as leather yet feels soft and warm to the touch like suede.  It is a vegan leather alternative that is popular in Portugal where the majority of the world's cork forests are located. 


      Cork is naturally lightweight, water resistant, hypo-allergenic and very attractive on upholstery and other textile applications.  Cork has been used in high end series Mercedes Benz autos and Rolls Royce jet upholstery interiors and is so rare and sought after that it has remained too expensive for everyday applications. 


      QUEORK is owned by Julie Araujo and Amanda Dailey.  Julie's family is from and has a home in Portugal and in our travels there as well as Spain we have managed to source the highest quality cork fabrics and import in quantities that allow a more than reasonable price for this lifelong material.    We have created many custom applications as well as lines of handbags and accessories such as iPhone cases and watch straps and in our beginning the biggest challenge was finding small quantity manufacturers that understood our need for high quality finish on the products. 


      Because of our talent acquisition and other contacts we also offer sourcing to other small businesses looking to get a start in offering their own line. We create sample products as well as low and high volume manufacturing from 1 unit to thousands.