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    Organic products from Germany Part two

    organic Newbie
      Ok. Took a little longer but the result is even better. We are ready to start in May 2008. Now some info in ref. to the products.

      1. SMESTO is a 100% natural spray to eliminate ODOR. It is very powerfull and does not use parfume or any other ingredient to just change the smell, it actually eliminates all bad odors. It will be very usefull in any household. Pet owners will love it, as it is safe for animals abd children and anybody else in and around the household. Also very interesting in the whole field of problems with INCONTINENCE. It eliminates ammonium and is absolutely safe to use as it contains no chemicals whatsover.

      2. NEED A NAME FOR IT - this product is actually a safe way of producing clean drinking water. The system can be used in any household, official buildings, hospitals and even watercompanies. Tested in Germany and the rsults are VVVEEERRRYYY good. NO MOR CHLORIN needed. 100% secure production. We will supply the technical equipment needed in order to supply clean drinking water.

      For this I am looking for distributors and especially for a leasing company. We will build the systems to meet the customers demands and the customer will have no financial risk as we will charge a monthly leasing fee. Very interesting for the whole chain of clean water production and supply. The system is 3 years ahead of any known technical system and is recommended by the german goverment.

      I will be glad to talk about it in person.

      Should anybody be interested or know someone that could be interested please let me know. If the company or person is the right person we can talk about partnership.

      Looking forward to some interesting comments.

      I will be in the USA from Feb. 24th. to MArch 2nd. 732 363 8150 or +491719380599 (german mobile)

      Thank you