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    I need help starting a new retail business .

    vgonz12 Newbie
      Okay so I have done intense research on the how to's and I think I am doing pretty well. I finally have my business plan and I found various locations where I would like to open the shop. Now I need the funds. I contacted my local district for the SBA and they sent me a list of participating lenders in the SBA loans. I have called over 20 lenders and none of them can help me. They say I need to be in business for 2 years and some only offer the 504 loan and that requires for me to purchase real estate which i prefer not to purchase until my business does well. Where can I go? Who can I call? I also heard thier is programs for minority and women, does anyone know about these programs? I am very dedicated and I would like to open my business within the next few months. Please help with any advice.

      Thanking you in advance,

      Vanessa Gonzalez