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    Buying a home based business???

    tigerente Wayfarer

      Previously I had been thinking about starting an indoor dog park, and I still would like to, some day. The overhead and start up process was too much for me to handle on my own, I have no idea where to get a trustworthy business partner and my husband was not too keen on the idea. I think that it is one of those, might be great when I am older and a little more secure in the industry.
      I currently run a dog walking and pet sitting business and do dog training for a big box pet store. The husband and I's gross income is around $70,000 per year.
      So one of my hubby and I's main goals is to buy a house. We live in Seattle though and it is very expensive. So I have been thinking about moving north a bit and commuting, and that made me start thinking about property and acreage and what to do with it. I decided that maybe I want to have my own private outdoor dog park and bus in dogs every day and do some boarding as well. So I started looking at realestate ads for fun when I came across an add for a dog training and boarding facility on 4.7 acres with two mobile homes, no stick frame house but lots of out bulidings and the two mobile homes. I have been talking to friends and relatives about the home buying process. Hubby and I have good-great credit and can qualify easily for a home loan, but have little to no savings and nothing for a down payment. If I bought a property for a business that has monthly income already, what could I do to get a loan for a property that doesn't have a stick frame house on it? The banks/ mortgage companies I have checked with only loan up to 75% on a mobile home. I doubt we could ever get $80,000 scraped together for a down payment. Is there some different way I could do it because the property would be used primarily for a business and housing secondarily?
      I know that the correct way of doing this would be to save up for a year or two then buy a property and then renovate so that it suits my needs. But I didn't expect to find a property that has exactly what I need allready set up for me! I am going to see the property on saturday and I can ask more then about what the income is on the property and if they suggest any places to get a loan for it. I don't know if I trust realtors though. It seems these days they are a little too much like used car salesmen.
      Any suggestions?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Previously I had been thinking about starting an indoor dog park, and I still would like to, some day.
          Work on a Business and Marketing Plan. Visit SCORE. SCORE is FREE.
          Go to Members page and add a few words about your business
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            CarlOrf00 Newbie
            Yes! You're sitting on a gold mine. As you may know, people are INSANE about Dogs. They also spend Massive cash on dogs. They also buy stuff online for their dogs.

            What does this mean? You can create an info product and make the $80K to buy your place.

            How do I know? Because I just watched this total lunatic do just that, in that same market.

            21 days. That's how long it took and he made a killing.

            Here's what you do:

            #1: Google your dog stuff, look for sales pages where they have a lot of 'benefit bullet points'
            #2: copy these down and give them to a writer at or or something
            These will be the chapters in your new book
            #3: Start to "seed forums" not as yourself, but as just another dog lover. (get in, add value, post cool links to stuff... DO NOT SELL)
            Why? Because you want people to see you as a value to that community, but you don't want them to think you're selling them something when you let the world know about your hot new product. Also, if you think this is a bit "odd" then just have somebody else post.

            But above all, add value

            #4: Write the sales letter for your book.
            #5: Continue to seed forums - 5 - 10 posts per day for the first 5 days only value
            #6: On day 6 post your first blurb in each forum. Not about you, but about something very cool, that answers a question the majority of the market has.
            #7: Put up your page, FTP your product, use PayPal to accept payments. Charge $45 or something for it. Maybe even pay a person to make the site look nice (DesignGuruRyan is good for that)
            #8: Test, test, test. Make sure that works
            #9: Call PayPal and give them the date you're launching. Tell them to expect "abnormal account activity" and that it's just you making a killing
            #10: get an auto responder. $189/year from
            #11: Keep posting in the forums
            #12: All of a sudden... you'll post a sweet link and ask a question about this cool new dog product...

            What do you suppose will happen?

            Will you make $80K? Maybe not, but you'll make a whole lot and if you need more... just do it again.

            Hope that helps! I hate it when I can't buy stuff!

            FYI: this exact system has worked in over 54 different markets, including... off line.

            A twist would be for you to interview somebody, or yourself about how to train your dog, offer some cool free stuff and then beef up your little ebook with audio and video.

            You can sell it then for $99 rather than $35 or so.

            Just a thought.

            But do the math really quickly:

            You want to make $80K, right? Well, let's say you take the time to make those audio recordings and do sell your book for $99. how many would you need to sell?

            810 copies.

            How many people are buying stuff on line every day in your Dog niche? Hundreds of millions.

            That's just how I feel about it. I'm sure you'll figure out something, but I've never been a fan of the "how do I save that up" road!

            Good luck!
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                tigerente Wayfarer
                That sounds really interesting, I am just not sure that I have the time or super motivation needed to do that. And to top it off, I am a terrible sales person. I am a very stingy person and have a hard time selling people crap they don't need. Hey maybe that is what it could be about. Making dog stuff at home instead of buying all the crap out there that people don't need. I am a major DIYer. Except then I would have to provide photos or diagrams of things and I would not have the time or money to actually make any of the things. You know, like build your own cat scratcher or make your own dog bed. All things that I have done int the past when I had more free time. Hmmm, things to ponder!
                Also, what is a sales letter? What is FTP, and how's the best way to make a website (as in for free?). When I made my current website, I traded web design for dog walking and now I have a regular client and web designer. He recomended the site i-power web for the hosting, and it certainly is not free. I have to pay $100 a year for the hosting of the site. Also, I have no idea what an autoresponder is, and I don't even know if I would know how to sound like a person not trying to sell something. I hate hate hate spammers who are trying to sell something. That irks me something fierce when I am on forums and message boards. Allthough I guess it is completly harmless, I just don't want any sales pitches thrown at me, so how could I justify doing it myself?
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                Jaquetta Newbie

                Hope everything is going your way and all your expectations are meet, but if not check out