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    Graphic Design ?

    grafikrtist Scout

      I am a freelance graphic designer. In terms of word of mouth advertising. Which is better. Direct mail or cold calling ?

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          OfficeGoddess Navigator

          I am personally annoyed by cold call solicitations as my time is valuable.  I have had really good luck with postcard marketing, sending a series of 3 cards with similar message and different content approx 3 weeks apart.


          Lily Chambers

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            I agree with OfficeGoddess, I can not stand solicitation through the phone. I would much rather be speaking to a client than a solicitor. Besides you want to boost your business and not be viewed as a thorn. We also used fliers and mailers to promote our architectural business and got about a 1 percent return. The few clients we picked up covered the cost of the mailings, overhead in the office, and gained a small profit.



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              longlivemedia Tracker

              Go with the print I would say. Cold calling can definitely be annoying to be honest. I do think you need to check out the trends in print and mail advertising and see just where they're headed in the future. This article may help.


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                Moderator Cath Guide

                Hi Graphic Design ?,


                I agree with the others.  After the flood of phone calls before the recent election, I am happy for a quieter phone and I would think some others would agree with me. I am using my caller ID more and more and do not answer unless I happen to know the person behind the number listed.


                At this moment, I welcome almost anything through the mail.  I can read at my leisure and respond if I care to. 



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                  benjarriola Wayfarer

                  Cold calling or using a mailing list is just as effective as the quality of your list. This is very similar to spam email, tons of people get annoyed by it, but if the product or service is really something that the recipient is very interested in, then the recipient does not view it that much as spam.


                  So just doing a shotgun approach in cold calling or sending by mail may not be the best way to do it. Do some research and get a better list that is highly targeted to your audience.


                  You need to know what kind of target audience you have. And if I am going to guess, most of the people that need graphic design are the ones looking for a service to make flyers, posters, brochures, streamers, promotional materials, etc. These all sound like marketing collaterals to me. Thus a list of marketing managers would probably be the best list to reach out to.


                  Don't just cold call anyone or send mails to anyone, send them to the marketing directors, marketing managers, events and promotion organizers, advertising directors, PR managers, etc. Then the portfolio you have should be examples of promotional materials, and if you have popular brands IN your portfolio, showcase those first.