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    Joint Venture

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Last week I got a question from a friend who wanted to create a joint venture.


      You know what that means: two or more business owners come together to create a product, program or event for their mutual benefit.

      It can be as simple as an affiliate program or complex with multiple participants.


      This business owner wanted me to contribute some marketing for little or no fee,

      and then reap rewards from a successful launch. I was thrilled and excited.

      Sometimes I will do anything solely in return for a share of profits ... especially if they have a great business plan.


      Who else in the community was had a successful launch??



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          Moderator Berta Guide

          That's wonderful Lucky! I hope things go well for you in this venture.


          I've not been in a joint venture myself but sure would like to hear how it's going or gone for other members of the community.



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            YesYouCan Scout



            Good to hear about your Joint Venture.  Let us know when it's ready to launch.


            I have participated in several Joint Ventures in a different way - always as an affiliate marketer for the owner of the product.  If a vendor I know and respect (and have used the product myself) is about to launch an updated version of the product - or perhaps a mentor of mine who I respect, is about to launch a product - and they are offering an affiliate program, I will promote the product to my list in return for a commission on any sales made to a person I refer to the vendor.


            I know anything you are involved with will be a good product and good value.  Let us know when it's ready to launch, I'd like to see your work.