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    Making Money (Fast)

    LUCKIEST Guide

      If your inbox looks like mine, you’re getting all sorts of invitations to events that promise to help you

      … create a launch that will bring you $XXXK in a week or two.

      … develop a script for discovery sessions that will convert prospects to clients faster.

      … build on a proven structure to create an info product that will make your computer spin words into gold.


      Sounds good

      Most marketing consultants can help you do these things and a lot more.

      So why do so many people sign up for these programs and see few or no results??


      Great question. Any great answers??

        • Re: Making Money (Fast)
          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          Great Question, I believe that the people falling for these programs see that $$ sign, they might be desperate and see a somewhat easy way out, not realizing that thousands or even hundreds of thousand of other people see the same e-mail the same Program and feel the same way. The only people actually getting rich are the original senders of the e-mails. As for going with a marketing consultant, well most of us do not know any marketing consultants and most do not have the money it costs to hire them. Anyone else have a different take on this or wants to add something, please feel free to join the discussion