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      Has anyone had any experience in using facebook to boost their business? There is a trend for larger corporations to connect with their clients through facebook. I'm curious to know if there are any small business owners who has used this tool in the past. If so, what were your results?

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          dee_dee Wayfarer

          I am an artist and I use my Facebook business page to connect with people from all over the world. I have had sales in my online shop as a direct result of Facebook posts, and have also had custom order requests through Facebook as well. So, yes, I would say it is the way the world does business now!

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            Jason Albert Wayfarer

            I started my business in 2010.  Social networking has been my #1 resource for connecting with my potential customers.  There is a system or method that you have to use.  You cannot simply just post your products and advertisements all the time.  Social networking is about building relationships and it is very time consuming. 

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              Daniel Kushner Newbie

              We've created a platform for B2B social media lead generation. It's called Oktopost. The platform enables markers to create marketing campaigns around LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and schedule messages that go out with multiple social profiles.


              We track everything from clicks to conversions to leads and sync information with It's really useful for getting more leads to your online events such as webinars, whitepapers, etc.

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                OC Marketing Analytics Adventurer

                Facebook and every other social platform are tools and can work very well if you use them correctly.  That said,  about 2 years ago, I heard or read that it was taking about 1 year and 10 months for companies to account for the time, promo, and other costs of using social media.  It takes a lot of time, consistency, genuine interactions, and follow-up.  Tools like Oktopost, Hootsuite, etc, can make it a lot easier, but it still requires planning, creativity and focus. 


                We are working with a company now that already has posts scheduled for every day of November corresponding to national food holidays (fried clams day, guacamole day, etc).  We aren't handling their social media at all, but I know they have put a ton of time into developing posts and actively monitor everything on their FB page, interact with audience, etc.

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                    Kate Reust Wayfarer

                    You gave yourself a huge 'ping' in your own original post.

                    "connect with their clients through facebook" ... even small business like mine - I've found it's more connecting on new levels with existing clients than reaching a new audience.   But you never know where your communications may go - so post things that are worth reading and worth passing on.

                    From images to quotes - and NEVER post negative - because you really don't know who will be seeing it.

                    I use it to post events - new things I have going - I use the Pintarest function to pin MY things LOL .. I don't use the birthday reminders as they're clutter (IMHO) on the readers screen.


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                        satsuki Adventurer

                        Hi, I am a newbie.  I am truly a newbie with this internet stuff. How would you post to FB so that the "WORLD" can see. I am a start up business and I want to get my feet wet on FB.  I see my family and friends on FB and we communicate there to some degree, but HOW would you post something so ALL can see, not just friends and family? I have a video that I'd like to post but have no idea as to how to do that. Can you guide me?

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                            dee_dee Wayfarer

                            If you are looking to promote a business, the best thing to do is create a Facebook business page. These are public pages which are searchable by Google. Here is the link to learn how: How to create a Facebook business Page | Facebook  You can also edit your privacy settings on your personal page to make any post visible to the public.

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                              OC Marketing Analytics Adventurer

                              The only people that see your business page posts on Facebook are your fans.  If fans like or comment on the specific post, then their friends will see the activity in their updates (if they look).  You can also reach out beyond these groups by promoting your posts (Ads).  Depending on the targets you select, the price can be quite reasonable.  I got 60 new fans for Local Cravings ( in two days and it cost me about $17 in ad spend. 


                              The most effective ad across several of my businesses has been promoting that your fans like your page to their friends (similar interests, lifestyles, etc).  You may have noticed that FB keeps putting ads in the sidebar telling you that your friends like various brands - these are the paid ads I am referring to.

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                                Jim Peters Tracker

                                FaceBook is one of the most popular methods for increasing the visibility of your website or aiding internet marketing, in short. You need to create a business page and then post the updates about your business. The visibility of this page is public, anyone can visit it or see the updates.

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                            frichards Adventurer

                            Yes, Facebook is a big part of our business. It's a great way to communicate with your customers and to also share any new stuff your company has to offer. People are more active in social networking sites more than ever. That's why it's really important to have a big presence in social networking, Facebook in particular since this is one of the biggest social networks out there.

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                              moneytrack Scout

                              If you have an online business than facebook is a MUST.  It is now even becoming the go to place for traditional brick and mortar businesses as well.  I new "small business" just opened in my neighborhood and they don't even have a website, just a facebook page.  I talked to the owner about this and he simply said it's cheaper, easier, and allows him to connect with the community.  Can't disagree with that!



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                                leeschill Newbie

                                Just go with the flow and create a marketing plan for Facebook now.  Or even better, possibly a Google+ Communities plan.  Just launched and you could be the first one in.

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                                  Azunga Adventurer

                                  I say use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to market and engage with customers and possible customers but really don't rely on it fully....


                                  Read around about how many larger business's are moving away from deep integration with Facebook and Twitter.  One article I've read and found right away was ReadWrite: Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Driving Away Brands - Starting With Mine.  There's plenty other stories out there of other major brands not focusing on social networks either.   All social networks are business's looking to make money and most do it via advertising.  Do you really want an advertisement for a competitor on your companies main online presence?

                                  Also think of how you use those services as well.  I think of Facebook and Twitter to be similar to going out to a bar.  It's nice to catch up with friends and see what they are doing but I'm not going to a bar to look for a product to buy.  If someone tries to sell to me at a bar I almost instantly am put off by that brand for annoying me in that setting.  I go to Google or Bing if I need to search a product out. That might change a bit with the new release of social search graph from FB (announced today) but time will tell for sure.

                                  Also I recommend more focus on Google+ as it ties into search, it's growing like crazy, and it's a network of many services across Google.  It's only going to be more important and grow as Google rolls it out to other services it offers as it's already done with Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Local Pages, and such. 

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                                    Moderator Ilona Ranger

                                    Great posts everyone, I agree that social network pages are a great asset to anyone who wants to put their business out there and have it seen.