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    Opening a new Themed Restaurant/Attraction and need advice on investment returns.

    themedproject Newbie

      We are in the process of opening a new, one of a kind Themed Restaurant and Bar with an Amusement area in a high traffic, high profit tourist area, just 3 minutes from the Theme Parks. This is a major project with several great investment opportunities on several different levels for new and seasoned investors with an expected annual revenue of over 20M, but the issue we are trying to figure out is what percentages we should offer the new investors as a fair, but above average return on their investment dollars and for how long they should receive such? We want very happy investors but at the same time we want to be very happy as well, we do plan on opening several of these new concepts across the country. Any help on this would be great! We have investors coming at us with all kinds of numbers and we just want to know what is fair for all involved.