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    I need sponsors for my radio show, How do i do that?

    disher18 Scout

      I just started a new radio show and i am in serious trouble with money and need sponsors, I am really in need of some money so please give me  the best advice you can to help me get back on my feet.

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          Hi Michael,


          Try selling advertising time.  You charge a sponsor X amount of dollars for X amount of commercials during your radio show for X amount of weeks. Of course you would have to get the sponsor to like your program so a demo tape of your show would be helpful. You may also try uploading your demo tape to youtube and kill two birds with one stone. You get more listeners and sponsors in one. Good luck!

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            Paraday_Comm Navigator

            Hello Michael,


            1st and foremost, you'll want to begin by learning how to speak about your Radio Show. For instance, in your post and on your Bank of America profile, you are more focused on your desire for sponsorships as opposed to explaining what your Radio Show is all about. Its very important for you to take the time and explain what your Radio Show is about, however briefly. You want to mention the format, what channel, AM or FM, what times your show airs & the basics around your listening audiences' demographics, etc. Currently you are opening and only mentioning that you are the host of a "Morning Talk Show". Frankly, that is just not enough for very busy - business people or organizations, on the go, and that may have been interested in your Radio Show - had you just mentioned a little more information, or more to the point ALWAYS mention what your show is about & how to find it and listen to your great show.


            OK now onto the good stuff. Your situation is easily fixed with a slight adjustment to your thought processes. To get advertisers or sponsors for your Radio Show you'll need to begin to "think like an advertiser or a sponsor".


            You can do this easily and start by reviewing your Radio Show's content to determine your ideal advertisers. What sponsors would be most interested in the kinds of people who make up your listening audience? As your show is a Morning Talk show, you have a captive audience, but are they college students or business commuter's?


            If your Radio Show has a genre, specialty or topic area that you feature regularly, those are the most obvious places to look for potential advertisers. Start by reviewing websites, blogs, and even in print magazines that cover your Radio Show's favorite topics and investigate who advertises there and contact them or similar types of organizations in and around Byers, Colorado.


            Remember, advertiser's & sponsors are only interested in being associated with programming that reflects positively on their brand. So its important to keep that in mind when thinking of how to approach advertisers and sponsors.


            If your Radio Station offers a Webpage for your show, or if not, you can use email and send a Microsoft Word Document or PDF, you will want to immediately create "Your Radio Show Advertising/Sponsorship Package or Page". And you will want to be specific about the kinds of advertising and sponsorship opportunities you are offering. For example; if you will include 'three' - 60 seconds audio spots, into a one hour show for $100 - then you need demonstrate that. In today's busy work environments you want to make it as easy as possible for people to understand your advertising and sponsorship packages and so that they can give you their money.


            Below are some advertising or sponsorship feature ideas that you may want to consider offering to get advertisers & sponsors for your Radio Show:

            ~ Audio only "pre-recorded" advertisements provided by the advertiser/sponsor.

            ~ Audio-only “live reads” that you or your co-hosts read during your Radio Show.

            ~ Banner ads on your Radio Show's or Station's Website or blog - To this idea you could also offer Ads in your show’s email newsletter.

            ~ Product reviews of sponsor products.

            ~ Contests & giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser.

            ~ Create specific show "segments" that are "brought to you by" an advertiser or sponsor.

            One side point here: If you are archiving your Radio Show(s) online (YouTube or Stations Website, etc); don’t forget to point out the additional value of your archived episodes to your advertisers and sponsors. Those later replays will add up to additional advertising for your sponsors, BONUS.


            You can also offer specially created "Sponsorship Advertising Packages" for your Radio Show. Combinations of your selected advertising & sponsorship opportunities can be used to create "Sponsorship Packages" customized to help you get advertisers & sponsors for your Radio Show. Its very important that while you are looking to get sponsors for your Radio Show, you'll need to remember to let people know this type of "Combination" is available to them.


            While attempting to gain new advertisers or sponsors, you need to focus on explaining all of the benefits of advertising on your Radio Show. If you can post the rates for advertising on your Radio Show publicly on your Website. Whenever possible, discuss your sponsors during your show, tweet about them, and post about them on Facebook or your blog, too. And finally, be sure to make it very easy for new advertisers or sponsors to contact you if they are interested in advertising or sponsoring your show.


            Good luck Michael! And let us know how my tips are paying off for you! By following the above, you can focus more around your show, ease your financial woes and be truly proud of how your Radio Show is enlightening your listener's and benefiting your advertiser's and sponsor's.


            All the Best,

            Jeff Reynolds
            Paraday Communications