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    Do you think small businesses would succeed more if they went Global instead of staying local or just national?

    M.I.S.B.O. Promotions Scout

      Hello my name is Chris Ferbert, and I am an Affiliate Marketer. About the only business I think I really want to claim would be an Affiliate Marketing business with my company name branded on it. I don't wish to be super rich or popular, just want to make enough money to be able to start a family and be able to take care of them....all most people want in life I think. I posted this as a question, because I guess if you do that than people will get points for that, and that is a good thing even though I am not quite sure what the points do yet. I did however post a question I am curious what you all would think about it. Since the United States is said to have a down economy do you think businesses would be more likely to succeed if they took their businesses to the next level and made them Global?