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    Email Marketing

    jacob Adventurer

      We are an online company (CALIFANCY) selling quality women handbags and shoes,  and I would like to get ideas from anyone who knows of some companies that I can partner with on email marketing.


      Thank you for your time.



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          fshagan Adventurer

          I have assisted with a few email marketing set ups, but I'm by no means an expert. The things I have learned are:


          • If you are in the US, partner with one of the email marketing companies like ConstantContact, MailChimp or Aweber, to ensure you adhere to the requirements of the CAN-SPAM act (penalties are up to $16,000 per email sent that does not comply with CAN-SPAM). MailChimp offers a free account for up to 1,000 or 2,000 list members; that's nice way to see if email marketing is worth it to you.
          • Sending the emails is easy; getting the list built is not. Consider placing a sign-up form on your website, ask for email addresses at trade shows, etc. Some people will be interested in signing up. Retaining them on the list is easier if you don't over-do the marketing, and offer them something of "value" (that can be interesting content, humor, or special offers).
          • Utilize all the other tools for on-line and social media, and include a sign up form on your Facebook page, etc.


          Finally, don't be too sensitive when people click the link at the bottom to unsubscribe, or complain that they never asked for your newsletter (even though they did). You'll get a few every time you send an email out, and often they will come back and sign back up later on.

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            jacob Adventurer

            Anyone with more insights into this is much appreciated.

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              gg4life Newbie

              There are several companies that can assist you with e-mail marketing.  We have just begun an emailing campaign with Vertical Response.  They give you a 30 day trial and the ability to send email messages to (I believe it's 300 people) for free during the trial period.  I believe we pay $10/month now that the trial period has ended.  They offer templates so all you have to do is drag and drop and customize.  There are many free trial services on the web, this is just one that we thought looked good.  Good Luck!

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                engetka Newbie

                Hi Jacob,


                There are a few major things you will need to focus on to make email marketing work:


                1. The mechanics of using an email marketing software, such as Aweber, and how to set it up so it sends the messages you want, when you want, to the right people on your list.
                2. The actual marketing aspect. This would include knowing what to say in the email to get your customers to make a purchase or do whatever other action you want them to take. This would also include making sure that your emails actually get opened and read and that you don't have a large number of people opting out of receiving your emails because they consider your emails spammy.
                3. Actually building and maintaining your list. If you have a large list of people to send emails to, you can have a very nicely profitable business. There are many list building methods and this should be a major focus, always.


                I do a lot of promotion and marketing work for a small number of businesses with various sized lists. I am always interested in making more connections and I don't mind giving out a bit of free advice, since I have received my share of free advice and help along the way.


                If you want to discuss ideas or ask questions, I'll be willing to share what I know with you. I've got about 20 yrs experience and no shortage of successful ideas. It should at least get you pointed in the right direction. Feel free to send me a message or email.





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                  Moderator Berta Guide

                  Hi Jacob,


                  How's the email marketing quest going? Please keep us updated.



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                    marketingexpert Scout

                    Hey jacob,


                    MailChimp: As any Internet marketer will tell you, nothing is more important than building your own e-mail list. I use MailChimp to manage mine. It has a super easy-to-use interface, great analytics, and is 100 percent reliable. Other people prefer AWeber. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

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                      trich Scout

                      WHile not advocating any particular service nor do I profess to be an expert, I will say that I have had some success with Constant Contact. What I particularly appreciate is that they are very accessible via email, social sites, chat and if all else fails you can get someone on the phone easily. I tend to be a skeptic but am always eager to recommend when I feel a service is superior and customer focused. .


                      Lots of folks can sit here and say 'Email marketing is should be doing it!' In fact I probably agree especially for someone in your business. Getting started can be a bit intimidating. You want to be very careful what is sent. I have tried two services and have found Constant contact to be user friendly and good at 'hand holding' that gave me sufficient confidence to start using it.


                      There is a lot of research you can do on your own but when you get the point where you are using a service, it's very important to have some real client support. Good luck! Be sure to post your experiences going forward.

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                        GeorgeSmith Adventurer

                        I have some ideas,

                        Partnerships that enable marketers to send dedicated email to other companies' lists are commonplace. Typically, both companies agree on what will be sent and when, and the company that controls the list ultimately sends the email.

                        It follows all the CAN-SPAM laws and if someone hits reply, it goes to the [partner] agency, not to us. So it looks like it comes from them but they don't have to go through the trouble of building and sending it.

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                          AMULETAnalytics Adventurer



                          I've had excellent experience with Constant Contact. They offer a wonderful method of creating compelling mail pieces using the template approach so you can get up going quickly. Their database maintenance tools are great too. The only thing is, you need an OPT-IN list because they have a strong anti-spam policy. So you can't just purchase a list and use it with CC. Good luck!



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                            goldenfs Adventurer

                            I think that AWeber will help you with your email marketing.  Our company uses that service.  Its affordable and efficient.  They also offer great website contact forms.

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                              tngraphix Adventurer

                              Out of the low end services Aweber is the best in my opinion. There are two thing you need to consider before going with a services

                              1. If you already have a list of names to import, this will make your choice more difficult. Most Email service providers will NOT let you import names with out reconfirming. From my experience (I have build mailing lists from 6k on up to 250k in numerous businesses) you will only get a maximum of 20% of your list to actually re-opt in. Also Stay FAR away from buying an email list. It is actually not legal. If you purchase an email list from a reputable company they will be the ones who send the email out on your behalf, that is a complete other topic but a GREAT way to build your list
                              2. If you DO NOT already have an email list.... Don't just capture email, capture (at some point) their physical address. Direct mail is underutilized and overlooked. Back to email... put an opt in form on EVERY page of your website with an offer to sign up for the mailing list. You will want to incentivize potentical subscribers. You may want to review this video 7 Marketing and Lead Generation Web Site/Landing Page Design Best Practices - YouTube .


                              Here is a tip to get email subscribers: Find 5 businesses that are complementary to yours and have a website and mailing list and ask them to take out an ad in their email newsletter to promote yours. This is the fastest way to building your subscribers. However if you have an ecommerce site and are already doing business you should have emails coming in regulary already with orders. You will want to add an option for your new customer to register to you email list somewhere within the Buy funnel or integrate their emails automatically (stealth mode).

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                                dmck24 Adventurer

                                Hi Jacob,


                                I use AWeber and I am very pleased with their service.


                                I have just added Amazon SES(Simple Email Solution) to my email marketing tools.

                                This platform allows me to send up to 2000 emails a day for free.

                                They also have an option of "formatted emails" which if used, format your email according to the CAN-SPAM laws.

                                My only problem with this service is that you need to be a bit "techi" to configure the service on your computer.

                                Other than that, I find it to be a fantastic email marketing tool.


                                Dan Becker

                                Business Loans & Grants

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                                  Guillermo Wayfarer



                                  I highly recommend constant contact. I manage a number of our clients campaigns through their service and have found it to be incredibly easy to manage even with 10,000+ contacts on an email list.


                                  - Guillermo