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    Wrapped Too Tight

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Are you baffled by your lack of success despite long hours of work,

      heavy-duty mentoring and a strong drive to succeed?

      There's probably nothing wrong with you.

      Many smart business owners hit a wall because they are working against their own psychological style.

      A lot of smart people are wrapped too tight


      Are you wrapped "too tight" or "too loose,"

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          Hi Luckiest,


          Sometimes there are a few things in the business world that can not be explained. You hit one of them. You may do everything by the book and spend hours working to make your business plan a success. Everything is right where it should be and you crossed every t and dotted every i and still the business, for unknown reasons, fail or is having a hard time getting off of its feet. Having said that; a good business man knows when to fold and when to hold. If your wrapped too tight, you just might miss the cue to fold and loose more than you should have.

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Moderator Melinda, You are so right.

              One thing is why so many of us have difficulty finding a mentor.

              If you're "tightly wrapped," you'll go crazy with a kick-butt type mentor who keeps

              saying, "Just work harder!"


              I've been there and to be honest, I had no idea what was going wrong.

              Tightly-wrapped people are already self-critical.

              Certain types of mentors - including the drill sergeant wannabes - will actually demotivate us!