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    Providing a Service to Clients

    LUCKIEST Guide

      If you are getting clients today, you re probably delivering a service that didn't exist twenty years ago. 

      If your service did exist (let's say you re a lawyer, accountant or psychotherapist), you are probably delivering a new

      version of the service or using technology that didn't exist until very recently.


      And lets go one step further. Since you have a brand new service, you probably need to find a way to communicate exactly what you do.

      People don't pay for  fuzzy.  They run scared if they think something is  weird.


      So how do you communicate what you REALLY do?


      The best way to communicate your up-to-the-minute offer is to appropriate techniques from thousands of years

      ago: metaphor and storytelling.

      When you tell a "concept story," your audience listens.

      They get past the blocks that keep them from hearing your message, let alone buying from you.