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    Volunteer -- Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Tran Nguyen Tracker

      Hello Everybody,


      I was reading about how volunteer work can really help out in the financial industry -- just getting your name out there, meeting new people, and so on.. With that in mind, has anybody done this and if so, how was it?


      I was looking at several community programs, organizations, and so on -- but none of them wanted me in an accounting capacity (even though several them clearly needed better financial guidance). But in any case, any experience anybody can share?


      Those that did want me, had me working as a stocker or envelope stuffer.



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          Tran, what kind of volunteer work are you looking for?  Many churches in your local area have programs to volunteer in.  If your city has a food bank they may need help or know of those who do.  It is wonderful to see that you are wanting to give of your time to help others and meet new people in the process.


          Are there others out there that are volunteering or that could help with suggestions?

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              OfficeGoddess Navigator

              I suggest looking for a list of local non-profits to contact through your local libraries RESOURCEUSA database (should be available to you online if you have a library card)..  Be aware that they are VERY wary of someone offering to volunteer help with their finances IN ANY CAPACITY due to the possibilities for theft/mismanagement, etc.  If you can provide them with references, you will get a lot farther.  And, I know, you are trying to volunteer to use THEM as references.  A definite Catch-22!


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