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    Need Advice and Funding

    bricoleur Newbie
      Hello, I am starting a retail bakery in a mid-sized midwestern city (population 300,000). The market contains few (one; maybe two depending on your definition) similar businesses that lack competition. I have a business plan but no other advances have been made to get property or equipment. Loans and credit will not cover the required funding. So I am looking for funding for the project.

      While this project lacks a proven track record (having no record at all) I do have significant data on competitors and market that greatly increase the potential this project will succeed. Funding is my shortcoming. Would anybody here have any advice on how to find angel investors? I have tried some angel investor groups, but they were all interested in the manufacturing industry. My social network is also limited in finding angel investors through networking.

      Thank You,

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          bricoleur Newbie
          I would like to add a few details on this project. Based on some statistics and market research done in my business plan, the break-even point is very low compared to the rest of the retail bakery industry. For all sales that occur daily, break even would require 3% of the sales that occur in that day (~5,400.) One major advantage that we would have over competition is also visibility and superior facilities. Major competitors are obscured from the full population due to their locations. Any advice or leads on funding this project can email me directly at

          Thank you for any help or words of wisdom you can provide me.

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            Score133 Adventurer
            The best way to find angel investors is through your Chamber of Commerce; if your Chamber doesn't have the information, contact some of the higher-end accountants in your area. Angel investors often form a group and do joint ventures as well as single investments. But they will all want to see a business plan, so be ready with all of your financial research available. Good luck!