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    working capital Adventurer

      ok moderators please bear with me. from over view/recent content is there a way to only show current postings? places/sort tab-even by selecting  latest activity it seems to only change order of topics like growing your business, not recent content itself. new/old still mixed in & wont know until click on each content to see if you can reply. some old are locked some are not. so time consuming.

      from recent content list we should be able to check off each post we want to read, have them open all at one time to scroll through because needs are basically the same, again check off each one we want to reply or email to from message list, box would then pop up with the ability to reply to all of them at once or send individually. they can reply/email back accordingly. maybe its already possible & i'm just missing it. please let me know.


      why is it that when i reply to a question from someone it processes & goes back to recent content page one. it should take me right back where i left off.


      your attention to changes would make a happier community.



      thank you

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          Great suggestions, Working Capital.  We are looking into them with our developers and will follow up with answers soon.


          By the way, what is the name of your business?  Do you have a business website? I'm sure our members would like to learn more about your business.




          The Small Business Community Team