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    Who has advice on Starting a Juice Bar?

    malamiah Newbie

      Hey everyone,

      My wife and I are looking into starting a Juice Bar in our town here in Michigan. We have never, ever had a business before. So this is a new and exciting venture for us. We have read books on business plans and everything...and still feel like we need some help (we are not afraid to admit it). Is there someone out there who has started on and would like to share some "best practices" with us? Our ears are very open! Thanks.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Malamiah,


          Welcome to the community. I wish you well in your venture to start a Juice Bar in your town. I would suggest checking with some of the small business owners in your area to see how they got started & if they have any recommendations for you. You can also see if the small business owners in the area have a meeting monthly or quarterly to help each other out with issues and/or help new small business owners in the area.


          Hope this helps.



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            YesYouCan Scout



            Try SCORE - an affiliate of the Small Business Administration that provides volunteer Small Business Counselors to provide FREE advice and mentoring for persons starting a small business.  Your local chapter may have someone with the specific experience you need, or if not can hook you up with someone who has on line as a co-mentor to the local Counselor/Mentor.  All you have to do is google and follow the thread to your local chapter (or if you like, you can just request online counseling).


            Good luck - here's to your success in your venture.


            Dick B.  "The Really Small Business Guy"