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    eCommerce Solution - Flashecom

    Online Wayfarer

      Hi everyone.

      I am searching for an eCommerce solution. Does anyone have any recommendations?

      Has anyone worked with

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          xenopod Adventurer
          What is it you are selling through your website? Is it a tanginble product, a service, or a subscription? While many solutions are capable of handling more than one of those if you only intend on selling one and not the others there do exist solutions that have optimizations that are useful.

          Please do tell us more about your situation.

          Otherwise if you are looking for a generic referral osCommerce, which you can get at

          I hope that is at least some what helpful.
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              Online Wayfarer

              Thank you for your response.

              Our company specializes in computer sales and support to small and medium sized business. We would like to sell our computer products and support services (remote control support) online.

              Our research has taken us to two companies: and We are looking for reviews, previous experiences or feedback of either of these two organizations. We haven't had any luck in talking to anyone that has used these either of these companies, so we thought to post the question here.

              We are also interested in looking at any other eCommerce solutions. In looking at osCommerce I'm guessing this is more a DIY project, would that be correct.

              Thank you again for your response.

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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              Flashecom seems a bit pricey and I didn't see a couple of features I'd expect for that much (e.g., financial/point-of-sale software integration, unlimited product photos, bulk upload of product info, real-time inventory management and display, discount offer and gift-certificate processing, automated confirmation e-mails, customer ability to track and view order history). You may not need those features, and flashecom may have some of them that just aren't listed on their webpage. Either way, as noted above, if you can provide more information about what you're selling and in what volume, someone may be able to suggest a lower-priced option that meets all of your needs.
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                websolutions Tracker
                I don't recommend getting a ecom solution that you have to pay monthly for. I recommend shopsite, yes, it will cost you $3k to $4k more but at the end of the day you own the product that can be labled an asset not a liability. If you need more info, let me know.

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                  M&M Services Wayfarer
                  Please try our E-commerce solutions, for low prices and great service.

                  866 351-1627
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                    Flash_Phil Wayfarer

                    In the interest of full disclosure I want to tell you I am the Sales Manager for Flashecom, and I wanted to address some of the things said here a great deal is simply not correct.

                    #1 - As a computer/Consumer Electronics reseller no one in the industry can provide you with the functionality that Flashecom can. Side by Side Comparison of products, parametric or drill down searching, and a system configurator are just the beginining.

                    #2 - Flashecom can provide up to 850,000 products to you automatically being fed into your website directly fron our partner distributers; Ingram Micro, Tech data, Synnex, SED, DBL, and D&H. Complete product catalog including all product iimages, simple and detailed tech notes, and manufacturers recommended accessories. They are fed with your specific pricing from each distributer in place, all you have to do is set the mark up you want.

                    #3 - Contrary to what Lighthouse has stated, all of our solutions come with such simple features as bulk product upload (into your private catalog), real-time inventorymanagement and display (you can see in real time for example how much of an item Ingram Micro has on hand and in what warehouse), custom coupon manager (discount offer), electronic gift certificates, automatic customer confirmation emails (sent when the initial order is received as well as when it is shipped), and YES the customer can log into their account and not only see their current order and track it, but re-order any item they bought in the past with just a mouse click.

                    #4 - Flashecom can offer you a fully custom CSS design. We are one of a a few companies that can do this for you. OSCommerce? All you will get from them is a bad template sight and a rudimentary back end.

                    #5 - You do NOT want to buy a "box of software" and do this on your own for many reasons. First, you will need a designer to make it pretty, you will need a tech and IT guy(s), and you will need to host it somewhere also. This is too many fingers in the pie. If something goes wrong who do you call? Software guy will tell you it is the hosting, etc. 2 - recent litigation tells us that IF your customers’ data gets out in the open, whoever is hosting the data is the one that will be named in the (class action?) lawsuit. You will be opening your company to some significant legal liability. Do I need to go on?
                    #6 – TRY IT. I will be happy to send you a fully functioning demo and let you see for yourself why we are the industry leader in ecommerce, and why we are the only real game in town when it comes to your business model.

                    I have a number of current clients that I would be happy to let you speak to. Hear firsthand what using our solution is like and what it is like to work with Flashecom.
                    I invite you and anyone else here who has any additional questions to contact me directly.

                    Thank you
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        Flash_Phil, you wrote "Contrary to what Lighthouse has stated . . ."


                        What I stated was, "I didn't see specific features . . . and flashecom may have some of them that just aren't listed on their webpage" -- which appears to be an accurate statement.

                        I also requested more detail from OnLine, because the only information in the initial post was, "+I am searching for an eCommerce solution. Does anyone have any recommendations+? +Has anyone worked with" Flashecom is not the perfect solution for every ecommerce application -- for instance, a part-time business selling homemade crafts -- yet for all we knew at that point, that could have been exactly the application OnLine had in mind. It's a chronological thread, and all the information that makes flashecom look like a good option to consider evolved after my post went up.

                        The clarifications you added were very beneficial. The way you prefaced them took me by surprise.
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                          websolutions Tracker
                          Line # 5 is so misleading though... Why wouldn't anyone want to buy and own a "Box of Software" that would pay for its self over period of time? Don't get me wrong, your solution may be ideal for some businesses who want to hit the ground running with all the features your products offer but in many cases people want a solution that can easily fit in their asset column--so what!?!? if you will have to invest money and time in customizing the shopping cart, integrating online merchant services with the order forms, list goes on... I say get something that will cost you lump sum "owned version" rather than leasing it, you will end up spending more money over period of time and at the end of the day you do not own it.

                          Again, your product might be the best solution for some people but not all people fall into the same boat. Hope you understand where I am coming from.

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                              Flash_Phil Wayfarer


                              How is it misleading?

                              If you are running a website as a side business then a box of software may be good enough. However, our customers are playing for keeps online so good enough just isn't.

                              Also, let's look at the costs associated with the box of software approach. Yes, you get to own it. But this is not necessarily a good thing. What happens then? Do they give you updates to their software for free like Flashecom does? No. So you have a software that is as good as it will ever be instead of growing and evolving like our ASP model. You also have to pay others to monitor/maintain/tweak everything to make sure you are up and running as efficiently as the box of software will allow. A competent IT person is going to cost you $60,000.00 - $75,000.00 per year. How does this save you ANY money? It doesn't, and in fact is actually a significantly more expensive proposition.


                              Our data is hosted in a level 4 data center, which is as secure as it can be made. IF the data was hacked (which has not happened), we would be legally responsible. However, if you host a box of software on a server in your closet or through some $20.00 per month service you will NOT be secure, and you have now exposed yourself to potentially huge legal risks.
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                                  Online Wayfarer

                                  Lighthouse24, websolutions, Flash_Phil:

                                  Great advice! Thank you all very much.

                                  I will post the outcome to keep everyone up-to-date on how things went.

                                  Last question Flash_Phil, to websolutions point, would your customer own the site that was created and does it have portability?

                                  Thanks again.
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                                      Flash_Phil Wayfarer
                                      No, you do not own the software. However you do own all the data and can export your product catalog, your customer data, and you can even copy and take the custom design that was done for you and any compitant web company or designer should be able to reuse them with out any issues.

                                      If you have not seen the products, than you may be putting the cart before the horse. I recommend getting a demo of both and review them side by side. Based upon functionality, ease of use, partner product catalog downloads, and free updates see which direction the scale tips.

                                      In the end, saving money is not as important as getting a package that has the tools you will need to be successful and profitable online.
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                                          Online Wayfarer
                                          Thank you everyone...after taking a look at everything and conisdering our specific needs we decided to go with Flashecom.

                                          This may have been a mistake...I paid 50% and haven't heard back since. I was told I would be receiving a link that day...still waiting.

                                          I will keep everyone up-to-date...but things are not looking good right now.
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                                              Flash_Phil Wayfarer


                                              Please call me at 888-282-1000 x4411 because this is very odd. You should have been contacted with in 24 hours of sending back the agreement. If this has not happened then simply call me, give me the name of the domain under which you signed upand who your sales person was, and I will get your store infor to you and get you working with tech to link the distributer files.

                                              Thank you for your patience, I will make this right
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                                                Flash_Phil Wayfarer
                                                OK. check your email.

                                                The 'Welcome' email was sent on 2/14 at 12:18 pm PST, but apparently the 'l' in y our email was changed to a '1'. I just forwarded it to the correct email address and you should have it now.

                                                At any timie if you have an issue or something doesn't seem right, contact George your sales rep and he will make sure everything is on track. You can also contact me at any time as well.

                                                I hope this has helped.
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                                              NotHappy Newbie

                                              My company started with Flashecom just like the user Online has. I have been in contact with the user Online for the last couple days only to find we have both faced the same issues. Flashecom sold us on everything and anything. My company asked - they stated no problem.


                                              Their sales people promised 100% customizability and said anything was possible. In the weeks and weeks of attempting to work with Flashecom we found that to be the least bit true. They attempted to make a template for our FrontPage, but we got a very basic beginner design. My team and I made multiple attempts at revisions and helping Flashecom through the design - only to get something worse. I would give a basic example of what we wanted only for them to copy paste it right into the template then email me back. I specifically stated we wanted something ‘like' this. A great example was an IStock photo. I sent a link to the istock page which had a girl in headphones. Flashecom literally print screened the girl with the istock water mark then pasted it on our page. I finally gave up and had my inside design team come up with a design in a couple hours. That design was leaps and bounds better then Flashecom's novice attempts. Then we got deeper into the design such as the check out page, my account page, etc. Our first ‘Account Rep' told us nothing at all was changeable - not even the generic cheap template images. I have never seen a website nor E-Commerce store that could not change images or font colors. We were scratching our heads thinking what in the world is wrong with this company. Cue ‘Account Rep 2', which was a little more helpful. He showed us how to change basic text colors which were claimed to be unchangeable. My design team had limited access, but made the pages look semi better. There is no way we could reach the desired look. After that attempt we moved onto the Product/Category page. Flashecom gave us the SAME run around - not changeable, etc. My team finally figured out on their own how to change the limited options on our own. Again - these were the options that we were told by Flashecom would be non-changeable. This is just a short window/summary into the calls and emails about the design. My team and I literally spent weeks trying to get something half way acceptable - only to get something very lackluster.


                                              The next thing I would like to bring up is completion. Flashecom has literally been unable to complete any of the tasks we required at the start of this ‘partnership.' We had limited simple requests that in our minds should have been built into the software to start. Some of these basic features includes - shipping integration with USPS, shipping labels/printout, tax by county, imports, etc. On our contract it says if we follow the correct steps we could have a website up and running within 3-6 weeks. I stopped counting at week 12 or so, but it's still not done. USPS will probably never be done as far as we can tell. Imports were okay from the import side, but we had to have them correct it twice only to still have some flaws with ‘Optional SKU' and some random numbers. I still to this day am not sure what the numbers or optional skus were based off of. Flashecom's team was responsible for combining items, placing items, etc. They pretty much dragged their feet until we took over. Combining items doesn't even work because of bugs/inventory issues. My team had to REDO their combined items and placement.


                                              After all these problems we began to have communication issues towards the middle of this project. Our 24x7 account rep was unavailable on the day we were supposed to go live with the store. There was obviously no chance of going live due to the fact nothing was even working (which it is still not). I would write multiple emails each day - only to get one or two responded to. Generally the responses were from the easy simple questions. The unanswered emails would sit until I forwarded them 5+ times with multiple voicemails left. Finally I would get a response with ‘sorry we just overlooked your emails.' I'm baffled at missing 6+ emails within a 5 hour period. Getting back to calling/voicemails - tech support was supposed to be always available. I found only their voicemail is available at any hour. You could call anytime from 8am-5pm EST (their working hours) only to get directly to voicemail. Their techs have no direct lines, but as far as I can tell there are only two working with Flashecom to begin with. The biggest issue with communication was in the middle of this product -- our dedicated rep just left the project! I don't know if she finally ran out of excuses or got tired of telling us no, but we got a new guy. Sadly we had to bring him up to speed. I believe their internal office communications is about the same or worse than their communication skills with the customer.


                                              The above paragraphs again are just a short summary of what we spent weeks wasting time on. I could spend an entire day writing about their lacking and inability. We have spent 100's of man hours attempting to correct and work with Flashecom only to be left with an unfinished and unworkable product. In writing this I hope it can save others time and money on their E-Commerce stores. It has surely been a failed attempt for us. We are moving on, but still in search of a quality software/host.
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                                                  nMoncrief Adventurer
                                                  I don't blame you. I'd be NotHappy, too! There comes a time when you have to cut your losses and move on. However, if you paid with a credit/debit card, at least you still have a chance to get your money refunded. You should call the card-issuing institution and initiate a chargeback. Flashecom would immediately be forced to refund the full payment until they proved that they deserve to keep your payment. Your list of unreturned emails and calls should convince the bank that Flashecom was wrong. That'd be my first step...

                                                  I'm an agent of a credit card processor, so I don't normally get too deep in other people's design and hosting issues. I will tell you, though, that Magento is a new shopping cart that is getting a lot of attention. You might look into it. It's built on open-source, so it's totally customizeable, and it's free. It also includes an order management utility. I wish it had been around when I set up my ecommerce business in 1999. The address is

                                                  If you still need hosting or building the site, you might contact Brandon at Brant Kelsey Design ( in LaGrange, GA. They manage thousands of sites for McDonalds, so they must be very good. Brandon does their web design, and he runs his own ecommerce business on the side. He would be happy to point you in the right direction. He's a friend of mine. His direct number is 706-298-2726. I hope things improve for you soon.

                                                  Neil Moncrief
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                                                    driventech Newbie
                                                    Thanks for the information, you seemed to have described my company's exact experience with:

                                                    Autotask Corporation (helpdesk and service ticket software)


                                                    Webex's helpdesk and service ticket software

                                                    We were sold on features and support that just weren't there. Out of the two webex was much worse, literally selling us features that didn't exist, or that required extra funds to enable.

                                                    This seems to be the selling strategy of a lot of online companies that offer software as a service or online packages. They get you to pay most or all up front and refuse any of your demands for refunds. They would constantly ask us, what can we do to make this work for you. We told them, give us the features we paid for or give us our money back. They would proceed to show us the most assanine and inefficient ways to accomplish what should have been routine tasks and then check off that the feature we expected was there (trying to cover their butts legally). Fortunately we contacted our credit card company and got a refund. We sent them a cease and desist letter and they gave up hounding us. This happened with webex when they were first purchased by Cisco, so that may have added to the problems. Other subscribers to both products (that were still using the solution) said that they eventually built their processes around the inefficiencies, but looking back on it probably wouldn't have done so.


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                                              Online Wayfarer

                                              Thank you for your post - it contains a lot of good information.

                                              To Websolutions point, would your customer own the web site that was created and does it have portability?

                                              I appreciate everyone's contribution...this is an extremely valuable forum and its participants are a cut above.

                                              Thank you again.
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                                                  websolutions Tracker
                                                  Online, I don't work for but yes, you own all the files of your website (talk to a web desinger about this), as for the shopping cart, you get a perpetual license with unlimited products, if you get the pro version for about $1500 +-. Remember, if you are selling thousands of products, you will need a dedicated server with a lot of bandwidth to operate eCommerce shop which as a result will cost you anywhere from $50.00 to $300.00 per month. I recommend doing a side by side comparison before you commit to one product, here is an example of an actual customized shopsite shopping cart:

                                                  Best of Luck to you!

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                                                websolutions Tracker
                                                you also want to make sure that your merchant/gateway is compatible with the shopping cart you are going to go with. Also, make sure to research your payment gateway/online merchant before you sign up. Many people will recommend you a solution solely to earn commission so use your discretion.
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                                                  NickiLaycoax Wayfarer
                                                  My company just created an eCommerce platform that has a Content Management System and is also very Search Engine Optimized. Each product that is entered generates it's own page, which included metatags of it's own per product. It's a pretty amazing product!

                                                  Let me know if you'd like more info!


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                                                    linkofworld Newbie

                                                    yeah i agress with Flashecom is quite pricey... One thing you should evaluate before you join any kind of program.
                                                    1: No MLM or Pyramid
                                                    2: evaluate Risks, Benefit, System, Reliable, of each of them
                                                    3: the one that most fit your talent and time
                                                    Ofcause everything are "The more you work, the more money you earn" for most of the case
                                                    1 Affiliate Program im working with is been working over 6 months already going quite good
                                                    Since im working in marketing field and i choose this program as my part time job which most fit my time :P
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                                                      JohnAG Newbie
                                                      I work in network solutions industry and can help you if you are still looking for ecommece soultion.
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                                                          ITReseller Newbie
                                                          If anybody is still following this ...

                                                          flashecom created a nice looking site per our specs; setting up the store was fairly easy; most of the features work pretty well.

                                                          On the other hand, their support is mediocre at best. Features they tout don't always work consistently including critical ones like exports and product/price auto downloads from distributors.

                                                          Several time I called with an issue and the people from sales to tech support to prgramming staff seemed like they didn't even understand their own product.

                                                          All in all, I'd agree with flashecom being a pricey but decent ecommerce solution as long as you have some fairly high level technical expertise.
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                                                          Danifer Wayfarer
                                                          I like Litecommerce. It's fairly inexpensive, highly customizable, and it's modular so you don't have to pay for features that you don't need.

                                                          I've used X-cart which is the big brother to Litecommerce. It's a good platform, but there's a lot of stuff I never used.

                                                          Oscommerce is good, but it's kind of a pain to customize.

                                                          I've heard good things about Cubecart and Zen Cart, but I haven't tried them out.

                                                          I have not heard of or worked with
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                                                            amspcs Ranger
                                                            QuickBooks offers a very nice starter program that would be great to get you off the ground.
                                                            I say 'starter' since it includes both the merchant services merchant account and the
                                                            gateway all in one easy pre-configured bundle-all you need to add is the shopping cart. Plus, it's priced right and month-to-month,no early termination fees, which allows you to upgrade to a more sophisticated solution once your volume picks up and you can justify the expense. Smart way to get a business off the
                                                            ground in my book---learn to walk before you run.

                                                            For discounted affiliate pricing and online signup, go to:

                                                            No setup fees, 30 day opt out and free QB starter software to boot. Not much to lose.
                                                            Good luck.

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                                                                BeamerPC Newbie
                                                                This is recommended for anyone want to use Flashecom in future,
                                                                NEVER USE THIS SOFTWARE, FLASHECOM.

                                                                Because If you want change layout of software, flashecom only provides a few pre-done template. You will not apply able new template into software, and you also don't know how do they make the template, while templates flashecome made are very urgly
                                                                If you want, you only require flashecom staff make new, but sure will never right with your ideas. and quality of support is very BAD.

                                                                I highly recommended you should use CS-Cart, you can change template, customize source code, besides all of e-commerce functions were built in. And their support is also very good, very quick.


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                                                                    DalePhoto Newbie
                                                                    Dale Photo and Digital is your one-stop shop for all things
                                                                    photographic. We offer a full range of lab services through our pro
                                                                    lab, Dale Laboratories, and a wide range of photographic classes and
                                                                    workshops at our Dale Photo Academy. I must disagree with what you say about Flashecom's software. From start to finish, Flashecom delivered exactly what they said they
                                                                    would deliver in the time frame promised.

                                                                    With their thorough
                                                                    pre-interview process and exceptional design talent, the Flashecom team
                                                                    was able to create a website that exceeded our vision and
                                                                    expectations. The ongoing support we’ve received has been outstanding,
                                                                    and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for an
                                                                    affordable and high quality solution for online ecommerce. I found Flashecom's software to be highly customizable and easy to use.<!--Session data-->
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                                                                      clicksouth Newbie

                                                                      We are talking to flashecom now about a website with them, just have a bad feeling about them. I have read some horror stories on a few forums. Did you find any other provider that intergrates with Tech Data?


                                                                      They were the only company we found with an intergration with Tech Datas data feeds.


                                                                      The Mobile PC Guys